Hitachi 0.05mm small ultra-compact RFID tag

Hitachi and Renesas Technology released a 0.05mm x 0.05mm x 5um ultra-small RFID tag (wireless tag) IC (speech number: 26.6) at ISSCC 2007. Compared with the "new generation μ chip" of 0.15mm × 0.15mm × 7.5μm released on the last ISSCC, the size is smaller, only 2/27 of it.-----

Commonly used printing paper specifications

The printing methods vary, and the corresponding paper must be selected according to the requirements and characteristics of the use and printing process. The following are some of the commonly used paper specifications published, we refer to: 1. Letterpress paper Letterpress paper is mainly use-----

Mixed Climbing - ice rock mixed climbing [Photos]

Mixed Climbing is an emerging sport. It is a combination of ice climbing and rock climbing techniques. The climber uses ice axes and ice to catch rock climbing to reach ice waterfalls hanging in midair, or climb the ice wall divided by bare rocks. These types of ice walls were once considered unvi-----

Radiation curing - new technology for surface curing

The basic meaning of radiation curing is to use ultraviolet (UV) or electron beam as energy source to initiate a chemically active liquid formulation to achieve rapid reaction curing process on the surface of the substrate. Industrial applications of UV/EB curing provide an advanced processing to-----

Problems with Screen Printing Bar Codes

In packaging and anti-counterfeit printing, bar code labels are convenient for users to quickly read commodity general information and certain anti-counterfeiting functions, and have a great effect on improving product sales management and product anti-counterfeit security. Although it cannot prov-----

Wide digital ink jet and screen printing

introduction The printing market is changing with each passing day and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, but at the same time it is full of opportunities. Large format printing is a promising market. Some survey reports indicate that large-scale printing is the most potential and m-----

Post-dissolution processing of plastic film prints

Title of the Invention: Post-printing Post-treatment Process of Plastic Film Prints Patent Application No Abstract: The present invention relates to a post-dissolution post-treatment process for plastic film prints, which includes both catalysis and cleaning processes. The catalytic process is t-----