After the rain, repairing single items increases skin r…

The rainy season coincides with the spring and summer, the weather is sunny and the weather is high and low, which makes the women's skin somewhat adaptable. But it doesn't matter, it's a small make-up for you to check out the most suitable repair items for this season, so that your ski-----

Wipe out a good mood, dazzling yellow beauty

It is said that people who love yellow color are the easiest to be happy. Today, editors have collected all kinds of yellow-colored packaging beauty products, so that everyone can enjoy the visual pleasure! Dazzling yellow beauty 1, Maybelline / MAYBELLINE giant mascara 89 yuan / 9.2ml [ Maybell-----

New furniture environmental testing methods will be int…

A few days ago, the reporter learned from Zhu Changling, the vice chairman of the China Furniture Association , that a new method of environmental protection testing for furniture that is more scientific, more rigorous and has more testing content is being formulated, and is expected to be enforced-----

On the Establishment of Printing and Copying Curves of …

The print-copy curve is a curve that describes the relationship between the density of the original to the copying links of the printed matter or the dots. In this paper, GATF stars and 12 gray scales are used as tools for observation of dot gain and density control in the printing process. Print -----

Mousse Bedding Shengyan: Third Generation Sleep System

Mr. Sheng Yan, General Manager of Mousse Bedding Operations Xianghe Furniture City official website recommended search reading: mousse bedding bedroom furniture Xianghe furniture   [Reporter] Please tell us about the characteristics of the third generation system. [Shengyan] Mousse's t-----

Maotai bottles are no longer sought after by the recycl…

All along, in the bottle recycling market, Maotai bottles are the most sought after recycling bottles. Some bottle recycling prices up to a few thousand dollars, of course, this is inseparable from the black industry chain behind Maotai liquor fraud. A large number of Maotai bottles were recovered-----

The bottle is the identity and symbol of wine

A bottle of fine wine is not only good to drink but also beautiful. The curvaceous bottle's curves, translucent materials, and subtle sense of weight all have an unparalleled appeal to the senses. The wine bottle is not just a package for wine. Its shape, size and color are like a set of clothe-----