Four-color printing and explanation of network points (…

Third, the color of the picture With regard to some technical terms such as overprinting, overprinting, hollowing out, and spot colors on printing, we can refer to some of the relevant printing basic knowledge. Here only some common sense that must be noted. 1, empty There is a blue line on the-----

On the Sustainable Design of Modern Tourism Products (I…

2. Development of sustainable design and analysis of major issues With the changes of the industrial environment and the low-cost competition of developing countries, the export of our products is facing a serious threat, especially when facing the influx of many foreign developers with more and -----

The nature of Indian iron ink

In the preparation work before printing, whether it is a multi-color machine or a monochrome machine, ink color deployment is a high-tech work. Iron printing ink is a kind of special ink. In order to meet the conditions of printing and high-temperature baking of metal printing, comprehensive consi-----

Calm Thoughts on Overpacking (I)

In the Spring and Autumn Period, a businessman from Chu State specialized in selling jewellery. On one occasion, he went to Qi to sell jewellery. In order to sell jewellery on the best-selling occasion, special use of precious wood made a lot of small boxes, and the box was carved and decorated ve-----

New double-layer drinking bucket for drinking water pre…

According to reports, Yang Shengqing, a student of Tongji University's School of Economics and Management, invented a new type of double-layer drinking bucket, which is both environmentally friendly and enables the drinking water to be “preserved” for a long time. This work has alr-----

Beverage bottle and tools for opening the bottle

Patent name Beverage bottle and tools for opening bottles Patent applicant ALCOA Packaging product Germany GmbH Principal applicant Address Germany 67547 Invers Dubs inventor 185 Worms Mainzell Str. Jürgen Söldan Application (Patent) No. 03822332.5 Date of Application 2003.09.13 Award Date A-----

10kg Baolu pet beef bag

The packaging bag is an innovation of PE bags and PA/PE composite bags of the same type in the current application, and overcomes the disadvantages of low strength, easy breakage, high material consumption, and high cost of the PA/PE bag. The packaging bag is made of nylon, linear low-density poly-----