Waterless offset printing process principle

Waterless offset printing plates are available in both positive and negative formats. Currently, the positive type waterless offset printing plate is used more often. Taking a positive-type waterless offset printing plate as an example, it is composed of an aluminum plate base layer, a bottom lay-----

CIJ coding/printer will debut PPMA Show 2006

Euromark is the exclusive distributor of Hitachi’s CIJ inkjet printers in the UK and Ireland. At this year’s PPMA show (September 26-28), Euromark will display the highest quality CIJ code/printer. This is the world's fastest single continuous inkjet printer. This machine is low-----

Analysis and Treatment of Paper Wrinkle Causes

Wrinkling of paper in printing will inevitably affect the printing quality. Correctly analyzing and accurately judging the cause of wrinkling and promptly resolving and eliminating wrinkle failures are issues that are worthy of attention by site operators and management personnel. This article tal-----

Finland's commodity packaging and packaging reuse

Finland is not only one of the most competitive developed countries, but also a conservation-oriented country. Its outstanding performance in the packaging of goods and packaging reuse. In order to reduce the waste of packaging and the pollution to the environment, Finland’s relevant laws -----

Landor Packaging Appreciation (20)

Source of information: Arting365.com String Party Lights, Luminary Bags, Light Up Lanterns Let us inject pizzazz into your next get-together with party lights, string lights, fog machines, and strobe light products. Whether you need a party light strategy for an indoor or outdoor ven-----

Detailed explanation of the use of diazo photosensitive…

Photosensitive adhesives for screen printing include dichromate-based emulsions, diazonium-based emulsions, and single-liquid emulsions. Diazo-based photoresists are generally composed of diazo-resin, vinyl acetate and polyvinyl alcohol. Prepared, also weighed nitrogen sensitive adhesive, is commo-----

Polyurethane adhesive formulation

Component dosage /g component dosage /g Castor oil modified toluene diisocyanate prepolymer 20 polyether modified toluene diisocyanate polymer 30 Polyether modified toluene diisocyanate prepolymer 50 Quicklime 60 Glycerol 10 Preparation and curing Weigh in order and mix well. Curing at a press-----