2016 latest ten brand tiles ranking

In ancient times, silk and porcelain as a hand-made luxury goods were sought after by the royal family and nobles in the Middle East and Europe. The promotion of the Renaissance made the development of European ceramic tiles reach another peak. With the advancement of technology and the continuous improvement of productivity, ceramic culture has gradually progressed from home decoration to home building materials. In this issue, the editor will introduce you to the latest ranking of the top ten brand tiles in 2014.

Marco Polo, the latest ranking of the top ten brand tiles in 2014

Marco Polo is a well-known trademark in Guangdong Province and has a strong reputation in the ceramics industry. Marco Polo's ceramic tile products are very rich. Whether in terms of type or quality, Marco Polo is considered an excellent work in the industry.

Dongpeng, the latest ranking of the top ten brand tiles in 2014

Dongpeng ceramics have a high reputation, Dongpeng tiles have a strong personality style, the appearance design and the use of tile colors are just right, many people have certain requirements on the shape and color of tiles, and Dongpeng tiles can meet these requirements .

Nobel Nabel, the latest ranking of the top ten brand tiles in 2014

Nobel is a high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province. It also has a certain position in the ceramic industry. As a member of the top ten brands, Nobel tiles also have many commendable places. The products and services are praised by consumers.

The crown beads of the latest ten top brand tiles in 2014

Guanzhu is China's 500 most valuable brands. The company has been operating for many years and has formed a large scale. It has become a leading enterprise in the industry; years of brand building have also made Guanzhu a well-known brand in the market.

Mona Lisa, the latest ranking of the top ten brand tiles in 2014

Mona Lisa is a famous brand in Guangdong, Mona Lisa is a high-tech enterprise, with strong scientific and technological strength, product innovation ability and annual production capacity are very impressive, although the ceramic industry is fiercely competitive, but Mona Lisa can still defeat the group leader , Become the top ten brands, its strength is visible.

Huida HUIDA, the latest ranking of the top ten brand tiles in 2014

From the establishment and development of Huida in 1982 to the present, Huida has a history of more than 20 years. Years of operation not only allow Huida to have a strong corporate strength and scale, but also cascade in brand awareness More and more loud, it has now become the 500 most valuable brand.

The champion of the latest ten top brand tiles in 2014

The champion is China's 500 most valuable brands. It is not the first time that the champion has been selected as one of the top ten brands. For many consecutive years, being among the best in the industry has not made the champion breed pride. On the contrary, it still maintains humility and hard work to truly become an industry champion. For the goal.

The new Zhongyuan of the latest ten top brand tile rankings in 2014

Xinzhongyuan Company is a large-scale modern building ceramics manufacturing company in China. Tile products should pay attention to wear resistance and durability. Xinzhongyuan spent a lot of effort in this regard to make its products more durable, and the attributes of the products are also It has been greatly improved accordingly.

CIMIC, the latest ranking of the top ten brand tiles in 2014

Smick is a famous ceramic brand located in Shanghai. As a metropolis in China, Shanghai is the junction of the domestic market and the international market. Smick is located here. In the market competition, it can attack and retreat and occupy a very favorable position. , And the enterprise has also developed rapidly.

The latest ranking of the top ten brand tiles in 2014

Hongyu's product range is very rich, which is a major reason for Hongyu's market competitiveness; and years of enterprise management and market competition have also made Hongyu experience the turbulence and unpredictability of the market; with rich experience, Hongyu Yu has become the helm in the market.

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