5 big decoration Feng Shui that makes men easy to worry

1. The left side is too strong: the left side and the right side are seen from the outside of the house. The left side represents the man and the right side represents the woman. If the left side is too strong, the husband will be too strong. The left side includes both indoor and outdoor. For example, the left side of the living room is very high. Cabinets, cupboards, but there is almost nothing on the right side, very extreme, or you can see from the balcony, the outside may be a tall building or a large hillside, but nothing on the right side. If the left side is strong, it is inductive. The man who lives in this house is the stronger or stronger the husband, and the more and more the man does not listen to his wife.

2, the decoration is too much: the so-called decoration is too much to decorate the home like a hotel, or a glamorous, like a lounge or an art gallery, a decoration you will feel that my husband will start to pay attention, he is In such an occasion, when he sees such things every day, his mind begins to float. For example, he will sneak a drink at night, so that his wife will not be able to control him.

3, bedroom to driveway: usually refers to the bedroom on the first floor, if there is a driveway next to the bedroom on the first floor, or the entrance and exit of the entire community, if your bedroom is just outside the driveway, the male owner does not want to go out, I saw that the car went in and felt good. It seems that there is still something left to do. When I see the car going out, he also wants to go out. Even if there is nothing, it is easy to go out and find things to do. At this time, it is not easy for you to be your wife. Husband.

4, the toilet has two doors: the toilet usually has only one door, not facing the living room, is the sealed suite, but some people will design it into two for the sake of convenience, in fact, this is a very bad design, Because when a person is in the toilet, that is, the most secret time, there are two doors that will become you at any time to pay attention to whether there are people knocking on the door to come in. The privacy and security are insufficient, and the husband will naturally control. Can't live.

5, four sides: a house is particularly high, next to the hanging down is called four sides are hanging, some villas in the high place, it will not be four-sided, it may have a backing on one side, the other side is the Taipei Basin, so Of course it is very good, but if there is no backing, it will be very dangerous. The first wind is very big, it is not good for your health. The second is easy to recruit thieves and thieves. The third is that this male master will not listen to others when he is tall. I will not listen to my wife’s words!

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