After the rain, repairing single items increases skin resistance

The rainy season coincides with the spring and summer, the weather is sunny and the weather is high and low, which makes the women's skin somewhat adaptable. But it doesn't matter, it's a small make-up for you to check out the most suitable repair items for this season, so that your skin will increase its resistance.

1. Snowflake Show Run to Revitalizing Essence

Snowflake Show Run to Revitalizing Essence

Specifications / price: 60ml / RMB600

Recommended reason: The after-care products can be better absorbed. Instantly moisturizes skin, restores skin vitality & supple skin tone Leaves the skin deeper in moisture and smoothes the skin, rejuvenating the skin and restoring the skin's original youthfulness. Astragalus helps the skin to increase circulation, and Ophiopogon japonicus and licorice activate and moisturize the skin, quickly transferring the active ingredients to the deep layers, reshaping the skin. The refreshing essence is quickly absorbed by the skin and reaches the deep layer, leaving the skin soft, silky and full, leaving the skin ready and enhancing the skin care products.

2, 珂 moisturizing moisturizing gentle lotion

珂 moisturizing moisturizing gentle lotion

Specifications / Price: 120ml / RMB 158

Recommended reason: Contains "Running and moisturizing ceramide functional ingredient *2" to create a rich and radiant skin. It is a moisturizing ingredient that helps maintain moisture hydration ("Invigorating moisturizing ceramide functional ingredient*2", blue oak leaf extract) can penetrate into the stratum corneum. Makes the skin less susceptible to external stimuli and maintains a rich, radiant skin condition. Contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to prevent rough skin It is easy to be absorbed by the skin when it is moisturized.

3, Petrov Vitamin A Night Nourishing Essence

Petrov Vitamin A Night Nourishing Serum

Specifications / Price: 30ML / RMB 590

Recommended reason: Petrov Vitamin A Night Repair Essence is the highest retinol product on the market. Its high-tech microcapsule technology not only enables the active ingredients in the product to be released instantly, but also safely. The optimal ratio of 1.5% retinol and 1% vitamin C and E is effectively delivered to the bottom layer of the skin, repairing damaged cells, making the newborn cells stronger, and helping to maintain the normal metabolic cycle of the cells for 28 days. High concentrations of vitamins A, C and E help the skin resist free radicals and build a healthy water barrier and defense system while potent antioxidants.

4, POLA Biai Fu Yan Chenguang lotion

POLA Biai Fu Yan Chenguang lotion

Specifications / price: 120ml / RMB199060ml / RMB1190

Recommended reason: With a highly permeable lotion, it instantly directs the skin to fill the elasticity and moisturizes the skin with a bright feeling. The truly moving lotion completely removes the saccharification of the stratum corneum and dermis. Thoroughly purify the AGEs in the stratum corneum and dermis to radically strengthen the activity of the dermis and bring new life to the skin. The thick and viscous lotion instantly penetrates and instantly tightens the skin. The particles encapsulating the active ingredient are broken down into nanometer sizes so that they actually penetrate into each cell to ensure long-term moisturization.

5, Impress impression beauty repair beauty liquid

Impress Impression Beauty Repair Beauty Lotion

Specifications / Price: 40mL / RMB1480

Recommended reason: anti-aging high-function medicinal beauty liquid that focuses on solving various skin troubles. The hydrated, mellow beauty fluid spreads over the skin and quickly penetrates into the stratum corneum. Creates a hydrated and elastic skin from the inside out. The new formula of carnitine HCI promotes the energy metabolism of the epidermis, effectively inhibits the reduction of keratin metabolism, and regulates the disordered texture. Helps rejuvenate the skin, creating a well-groomed, elastic and permeable skin.

6, L'Occitane L'Occitane Firming Serum

L'Occitane Helichrysum Firming Serum

Specifications / Price: 30ml / RMB580

Recommended reason: Evening is the peak period of skin self-repair, and the absorption capacity of active ingredients is also the strongest. Each bottle of L'Occitane is a collection of 3,000 wax chrysanthemums! Provides concentrated active ingredients at the peak of self-healing, and delivers deep repairing to smooth wrinkles. Geranium essential oil and Omega-6 effectively tighten the skin and delay the signs of aging. A unique refreshing formula that quickly penetrates the skin to feed nutrients into the deeper layers.

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