All-round analysis of handsome and tough rock and roll beauty

The handsome and tough rock and roll looks like a soft, fresh and intimate look.

Handsome and tough rock and roll beauty makeup


The three-dimensional smoke is reflected in the pink cheeks and lips, and the whole face is layered.

Step1. Carefully draw the closed eyeliner: use the eyeliner to better draw, but be sure to make the tip slightly thicker, especially the position of the eye, must be delicate enough.

Step2. Slightly add eye shadow to the eyeliner: Draw a dark brown eye shadow and apply it to the upper and lower eyelids. When applying, gently smudge the eyeliner outwards, and naturally connect with the eye shadow.

Step3. In order not to make the eye makeup appear too thick, try to make the eyelashes appear distinct. You can use the comb-like mascara to comb and smear, and the root of the eyelashes can be applied more.

Handsome and tough rock and roll beauty makeup

Makeup artist's advice YesorNo

Yes: Emphasize that the eyeliner is more than eye shadow. If you want to make the small smoke look more delicate and powerful, you should draw a slightly thicker eyeliner, as much as possible, and the eye shadow will be slightly smudged outside the eyeliner.

No: Use lip gloss instead of lipstick. Many people use pink lips to paint sweet lips, but in this makeup will be too different from the smoked style, so be sure to use a pink lipstick to make the lips more textured.

No: Over-emphasis on the end of the eye. When smudged the smoked effect, don't over-emphasize the end of the eye, it will look more mature and charming, but let the eyeliner and eye shadow be collected at the end of the eye, it will be more youthful.

Yes: Blush is not limited to cheeks. To make the entire look look pinky, in addition to being applied to the cheeks, you can sweep a small amount on the forehead, nose, or even the end of the eye, so that the entire face is wrapped in pink.

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