Arkema will develop recyclable glass protective coatings

Arkema and Spraying Systems have recently agreed on a joint project under which the two parties will jointly conduct research and development and commercial operations for recyclable glass bottle coating products. Arkema has been committed to the development and development of glass coating products, providing high-quality coating solutions for different glass products, and creating value-added products for customers in building decoration, packaging and other application fields.
According to the current market situation, more and more beer and carbonated beverage companies expect the appearance of the company's products to attract more consumers in restaurants, bars and shops. Therefore, the appearance of glass bottles is very important. This requires the beverage company to complete the coating of the glass bottle production line to ensure product appearance.
However, in current recyclable glass bottles that are circulated in the market, many bottles are affected by the appearance of the decoration due to physical wear. In particular, the collision between bottles and bottles during the filling process directly causes the appearance of damage. Therefore, damage to the appearance of the beverage filling process will result in rework of the production line, which will increase the cost of the company. According to unpublished market survey data, the mismatch between 10% to 15% of the glass bottles and the filling equipment directly caused the appearance of the glass bottles to be forced to be reworked.
This type of frictional damage can be solved by applying protective coatings to glass bottles. Arkema and its global partner Spray Systems are developing paint and coating equipment solutions for recyclable glass bottles.
Tegoglas 300+ is Arkema's anti-abrasion coating product developed specifically for recyclable glass bottles. It is also resistant to wear, it also helps glass bottles to reduce noise on filling equipment, increase the flow rate, and increase production efficiency. The glass bottles coated with the paint will also have a 50% longer service life than the products without paint, which will reduce the purchase cost of the company.

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