Bedroom Feng Shui layout of Wang Taohua in 2011

In today's era, there are more and more men and women left, Wang Taohua's bedroom feng shui layout, the bedroom is the place where the leftovers and women are still waiting, how should we adjust the bedroom furnishings to attract peach blossoms? It can be considered from the following aspects.

(1) If the bedroom is dark, the bed is not backed up, the diagonal mirror in the bedroom, the bedroom in the toilet or the kitchen, etc., it is not too difficult to change, it should be adjusted as soon as possible.

(2) Arrange the mascots of peach blossoms, such as powder crystal trees, pure crystal powder balls, transfer beads, seven-star arrays (powder crystals), etc., which are specially designed to attract peach blossoms, which will obviously help the improvement of peach blossoms.

(3) Girls increase the feng shui of their own men's fate If female friends want to increase their own men's fate, participate in a friend's marriage or a newlywed couple's party, you can touch the joy of others and let yourself have a good mood. Men represent the sun, so they are more exposed to the sun, and "the things are gathered together" can also increase their man's fate! In addition, single women can also put a large mirror in the bathroom, because it will increase confidence when they look at it every day. Taking 12 petals for a bath, it is even more important to be able to capture the 12 Zodiac boys.

(4) The single woman's room should not hang the picture of another single woman. This will only make her appear like a single shadow. It should be taken down immediately and replaced with a couple photo.

(5) The room for single men and women, want to add peaches to themselves, you can put a picture of peony on the right side of the living room, or a pot of peony, the table in the invisible peony has momentum and temperament, will attract the conditions Very good for the opposite sex. It is worth noting that the boy's left side of the house can be either a dragon's pattern or a dragon's jewelry, which means that the dragon's temperament and momentum will appear, and it will also attract girls with good conditions.

(6) The light in the room should be soft, especially the light in the bedroom should not be too dark, it will cause feelings to be lonely. Only soft light can have a soft mood. If you are in love, you can feel tender and silent, and you will quickly enter the happy two-person world.

(7) Small and medium-sized items in the family are best paired with solitary and single items, which will cause loneliness. Small pairs of small items symbolize good feelings, and more pairs of items, such as a pair of horses, a pair of love birds Wait a minute, in order to have a good love.

(8) The body with some round ornaments and rounds represents a full circle, symbolizing a happy and happy love, not sharp, multi-angle jewelry, because these will make love unsatisfactory, easy to change or appear third party.

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