Bedroom Wardrobe Renovation Guide within 20 square meters

[ China Wardrobe ] Today, small and medium-sized houses are popular among consumers. The bedrooms within 20 square meters are the most common. The choice of wardrobes needs to be decorated according to the size and style of the bedroom. Let's recommend a few different bedroom wardrobe requirements, let's take a look:

1, double door wardrobe

Suitable for space features: an area of ​​about 10 square meters

Solution analysis: It can be kept at a certain distance from the surrounding walls and furniture when placed, so that the space is more spacious. The traditional door-to-door wardrobe can meet the needs of single people.

Appearance Tip: The surface of the leather is easy to clean.

2, three-door wardrobe

Suitable for space features: rectangular bedroom

Solution analysis: Making light-weight walls on both sides of the wardrobe can create an embedded effect, and the cabinet does not take up too much indoor space. The handle has been chosen for a long style, even for children.

Appearance Tip: The cabinet with high-gloss finish is afraid of strong light. If the room is strong, it is best to hang a shade.

3, four-door wardrobe

Suitable for space features: square bedroom

Solution analysis: When choosing this cabinet, the height of the room should not be lower than 245 cm. The square space is better layout, and you can also buy the chest of drawers in front of the bed to complement the storage space. Open the door, the distance between the cabinet and the bed must be at least 60 cm. If you place the closet facing the bed, it is recommended to choose the built-in mirror. The interior space of the four-door wardrobe can be more detailed.

Appearance Tip: The partial mirror door can double the space of the small room. Hanging a curtain between the bed and the cabinet can prevent the mirror from facing the bed.

4, one word open wardrobe

Suitable for space features: irregular walls, can not buy finished wardrobe

Solution analysis: The wardrobe is installed on the platform, creating a high and low level, and the space will appear larger. Just buy the wardrobe frame, which is used to shield the light on the one hand, which will cause color erosion on the colored clothes and dustproof. The space behind the curtains gives people a delusion, and it is also a small means of expanding the space.

Appearance Tip: The white wardrobe looks clean and neat in the overall light-colored room. There are many choices for the curtains, and they can be replaced at any time.

5, double sliding door wardrobe

Suitable for space features: rectangular bedroom, short depth; open sleeping area

Solution analysis: As long as the budget is calculated, the 2 meter wide wardrobe is enough to put down the clothes of two people. There are many pieces of girls in the school. It is recommended that the two divide the internal space by a ratio of 6/4. The height of the closet should be as close as possible to the ceiling, leaving only a small amount of space, otherwise it will cause waste of space. The distance between the sliding door wardrobe and the bed is about 45 cm.

Appearance Tip: In the cramped space, large-area doors are suitable for bright colors and contrast with walls and furniture. If it is the same color, it will not be layered and more depressing.

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