Buying furniture only depends on the test report is not enough

Nowadays consumers often hear about buying furniture and being deceived. Many consumers no longer blindly look at the appearance of furniture. But of course, besides looking at the quality of the furniture, look at the furniture inspection report to see if the furniture is environmentally friendly. But sometimes the test report shows no problem, and the harmful substances are seriously exceeded. What is the explanation for this phenomenon?

According to experts, this involves two problems: the first is over-decoration, especially in the small space or poor air circulation space to place a large number of sheet metal products, which will lead to excessive standards; the second is the purchase of products by consumers. The actual environmental indicators do not match the test reports provided by the merchant.

It is understood that the domestic implementation of the company's own inspection system, the quality supervision and industry and commerce departments will organize spot checks. The inspection system means that the enterprise itself sends the test samples to the testing organization. Even if it is a national mandatory standard, the enterprise can select the test items in the corresponding standards to detect. This will lead to some situations. For example, some enterprises specially send samples to the testing organization for inspection, but actually produce another batch of products, that is, the products purchased by consumers do not correspond to the test reports. Some projects with high detection costs are also items that consumers are not paying attention to, and are equally harmful to the body, such as heavy metal projects for children's furniture.

Therefore, experts recommend that consumers first need to know more about the relevant knowledge before purchasing home products. In addition to the reference test report, it is more important to refer to the company's certification certificate, especially the certificate from internationally renowned certification bodies.

Xianghe Furniture City official website () once again reminds consumers that buying furniture can not only look at the appearance and test report, but also refer to the company's certification. I hope the above content can help everyone.

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