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In the wardrobe of young fashion white-collar workers, there are always several valuable clothes. Whether in the company or at a party, you need to use them to show the wonderful and colorful life. Even if the work is busy, they will set aside time to take care of these expensive clothes. Opening their wardrobe, you will understand that no matter how expensive the clothes are, they also need careful care to be able to wear a taste! And when it comes to taking care of the clothes, the editor has to recommend the popular hot ironing artifact-hanging Ironing machine.

Studies have shown that clothes are often pressed with a flat iron, which can easily damage the fabric and cause the fabric fibers to become hard and aging. The ironing machine is used for ironing in the natural hanging state. It avoids direct damage to the fabric under the dual action of the gravity of the clothes and high temperature steam (the temperature is around 98 degrees), and can iron the clothes quickly, conveniently and easily. To keep the clothes as bright as possible and keep the best shape.

Recommendation one

Recommended products: Philips GC525 Steam Hanger

Reference price: 599 yuan

The Philips GC525 Steam Hanger is simple in shape, with a white body and a purple bottom in color, which can bring a very warm effect and is also a good decoration in the home. The grip width of the product is 37mm, the size of the ironing brush handle is ergonomically designed, and it is more stable and non-slip.

Philips GC525 steam ironing machine uses powerful steam technology, the steam flow rate is up to 35g / min, the efficiency is higher, and the ironing effect is better. At the same time, the pressure of steam ejection is as high as 1.5bar, and the penetrating power is stronger. The ironing and sterilization can effectively eliminate the mites and ensure the health of the user. In addition, the steam injection distance can reach 1.5M, the penetration is extremely strong, and the fabric is thoroughly cleaned.

Philips GC525 steam ironing machine adopts silicone tube at all costs. The steam hose with a length of 1.8 meters is chemically stable and will not decompose toxic and harmful gases due to high temperature. The product water tank has a built-in secondary filtration system to effectively purify the water quality and ensure that the steam is clean and clean. And the pumping method is adopted to keep the water tank clean and free of accumulated water to prevent the breeding environment of bacteria.

Editor's comment: Philips GC525 Steam Hanger is beautiful and elegant, will not damage the clothes, and is both stylish and durable. At present, all hanging ironing machines on the market will contain water droplets when steam is sprayed. Not only will water stains be left on the clothes, but also everywhere in the home. This product can prevent this situation well. The product is priced at 599 yuan, with outstanding cost performance.

Recommendation two

Recommended products: Midea YGD30A1 split double-rod ironing machine

Reference price: 399 yuan

The beautiful YGD30A1 split two-bar ironing machine is stylish and compact, with a large-area orange body and a black plastic top cover, which shows the high-end atmosphere. Due to the split two-bar design, the two bars are more stable and the distance between the two bars is wider. It can hang and iron 10 clothes at the same time. No matter how many clothes, it can be dealt with at once. The product is not only small and compact, but also has a universal roller at the bottom, which is more convenient for users to move.

Midea YGD30A1 split double-rod ironing machine adopts humanized split double rods, which saves time and effort, makes it easier, free to lift and iron. The double-bar design of the hanging ironing machine is more stable and makes home ironing more professional. The product adopts a new generation of aluminum mute energy-generating hot pot, which belongs to the original vortex technology of the United States. After tens of thousands of tests, it has formulated different gear requirements. Six gears can accurately match different fabrics. 3D three-dimensional care, clothes are more suitable type.

The product is equipped with a 3L large water tank, which can be filled with water for more than 90 minutes of uninterrupted ironing. The visualized water tank can clearly and intuitively see the usage status of the water in the water tank to prevent dry burning. The material of the water tank is PP, which is beautiful and durable.

Editor's comment: Midea's YGD30A1 split double-rod ironing machine leads five major trends and sets off an orange revolution. The product adopts a new generation of aluminum mute energy-generating hot pot, which belongs to the original vortex technology of the United States. After tens of thousands of tests, it has formulated different gear requirements. Six gears can accurately match different fabrics. 3D three-dimensional care, clothes are more suitable type.

Recommendation three

Recommended products: Bell Ryder GS45-BJ double-rod ironing machine

Reference price: 498 yuan

The exterior design of the Bell Ryder GS45-BJ double-bar hanging ironing machine is very attractive, and its fashionable and dazzling shape is unique and extraordinary. The product uses the industry's first double-rod load-bearing design to make ironing more stable. It is especially suitable for ironing heavy coats such as coats and down jackets, which greatly improves the ironing experience. The double-bar combination integrated hanger design allows the ironing machine to meet more clothes, eliminating the cumbersome steps of adjusting the hanger and making ironing the entire family of clothes easier.

The Belgrade GS45-BJ double-bar ironing machine only needs to wait for 45 seconds before the energy source continuously emits steam. Unique to TURBO's new vortex technology, the steam is gathered when passing through the heating pot and then through the double-layer copper tube. Concentrate and fully use steam and tension to stretch clothing and maintain the fabric's long-term vitality.

The product provides 6-speed all-around exquisite ironing, which can conquer different fabrics, and any style can be easily controlled. Among them, 1st gear is suitable for silk clothing, gently flattened by a lot of low-temperature steam, 2nd gear is suitable for chemical fiber clothing, and is automatically adjusted to the appropriate temperature, while 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th gears are suitable for fleece clothing, cotton clothing, and linen Use of clothing.

Editor's comment: Belle Ride GS45-BJ double-bar hanging ironing machine is the first double-bar bearing and integrated design of double-bar combination. Ironing is more stable and convenient. The product is the first hanging ironing machine with automatic take-up function, with 6-speed power adjustment, 7-day long-acting antibacterial function, water quality filtering function and LED indicator. The current price of the product is 498 yuan, and the price is relatively high. Friends who like it may wish to pay attention.

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