Constant temperature and humidity test box related technical description

Products using high-precision micro-computer touch controller, with high stability platinum resistance body, with the wind speed cycle system, in order to achieve a uniform, accurate and stable temperature control. It is used to simulate whether the product material has malfunctions, changes in quality, or fails to work properly after temperature and humidity changes. For electronics, electrical appliances, communications, instruments, vehicles, plastic products, metals, food, chemicals, building materials, medical, aerospace and other products used for testing quality.

Programmable temperature and humidity test chamber (fast temperature change type) Features 1, high texture appearance, the body adopts arc shape, the surface is treated by matte stripes, and the use of flat non-reverse handle, easy to operate, safe and reliable.
2. Rectangular multi-layer glass view window, which can be used to observe and use the test article in the test. The window has an anti-sweat electric heater device to prevent the condensation of water vapor, and the high-brightness PL fluorescent lamp maintains the illumination in the box.
3. The double seal of the door is tight and airtight, which can effectively seal the internal temperature leak. With an external water supply system, it is convenient to add water to the humidification tank and automatically recycle it.
4. The compressor circulation system adopts the French "Taikang" brand, which can effectively remove the lubricant between the condenser tube and the capillary tube and use the environmental protection refrigerant (R23, R404, R507) for the entire series.
5. The controller adopts imported LCD display screen, which can display the measured value, setting value and time at the same time.
6, the controller has a multi-stage program editing and temperature, humidity can be done quickly (OUICK) or slope (SLOP) control.
7, the built-in mobile pulley is easy to move and place and has a strong positioning screw fixing position.

Technical specifications and specifications:

Technical specifications

STH - 80 A

STH - 80B

STH - 80C

temperature range

A: Normal temperature +20°C~ 15 °C B:0°C~ 15 °C C:-20°C~ 15 °C

Humidity range

A: 40 to 95% RH B: 30 to 95% RH C: 30 to 95% RH












Distribution uniformity