Experts help you choose the decoration materials - choose a comfortable floor

The floor is natural, and if you can choose a comfortable floor, it will greatly enhance your home.

The choice of floor is the same as that of floor tiles, and the style and color should be coordinated with the overall style of the room. The color of the floor should be separated from the wood, or in sharp contrast, or the same color system with different shades. Generally, the floor is deeper and the wood is shallower, but it is not absolute. Consumers can't choose a floor that is too cheap. In addition to the performance of the floor that is too cheap, the stitching gap is large, it is easy to accumulate dust, and it is not easy to clean. Nowadays, there are more mixed floors and floor tiles, such as wooden floors for bedrooms, floor tiles for living rooms, floor tiles for the living room, wooden floors for the surrounding, etc., which form a soft and hard combination effect, which breaks the singularity of the ground. Bamboo flooring has a single color and a single form, but its wear resistance and moisture resistance are good. If there are children in the house, bamboo flooring is suitable. The choice of which floor is related to the economic strength and age of the consumer is more than that of the avant-garde young people choosing solid wood laminate flooring and laminate flooring. This type of flooring has many colors and features, and the price is also low. Middle-aged people choose a lot of solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring texture is natural, stable and generous, safe to use, and high price. At present, the quality of the floor on the market is much better than that of the previous years, and the regular brands can reach normal use.

At present, the flooring on the market is divided into wood flooring, bamboo flooring, bamboo and wood composite flooring.

(a) wooden floor

The wooden floor is divided into solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, and laminate flooring.

1. Solid wood flooring is made of dried and processed wood. It has the characteristics of natural pattern, comfortable foot and safe use. It is an ideal material for floor decoration such as bedroom, living room and study. The decorative style of solid wood is back to nature, and the texture is natural. Today, when the forest coverage rate is reduced and environmental protection is strongly promoted, the solid wood floor is more precious.

2. The solid wood composite floor is divided into three layers of solid wood composite flooring, and the solid wood composite floor with plywood as the base material.

The three-layer solid wood composite floor is composed of a surface layer board, a soft solid wood core board, and a three-layer solid wood of a solid wood bottom board, and the surface is supplemented with a UV paint. The surface layer is generally precious hardwood, the thickness is about 2-4 mm; the middle layer is mostly thick wood strip (pine, etc.), the thickness is generally about 8-9 mm; the thickness of the bottom solid wood veneer is about 2 mm. The three-layer solid composite floor is superimposed vertically and horizontally, and is formed by interlacing laminated plates of different tree species, which overcomes the shortcomings of solid wood floor unidirectional homogeneity, has good dimensional stability, can be made into relatively large specifications, and retains Natural wood grain and comfortable foot feel of solid wood flooring.

The solid wood composite floor with plywood as the base material is a kind of plywood, which is made of a plurality of thin solid wood single pieces. The floor is basically not deformed, and it is more stable than the three-layer solid wood composite floor, but the amount of glue is large. If the glue itself is unqualified, it will cause formaldehyde pollution.

3, laminate flooring (impregnated paper laminated wood flooring) is a wood-derived material, divided into four layers of wear layer, decorative layer, substrate layer and moisture barrier. The wear-resistant layer is the outermost transparent layer, the material of the analysis is aluminum oxide; the decorative layer is the wood grain decorative layer of the floor surface; the substrate layer is also called the middle layer, generally the density board; the moisture-proof layer is the surface layer of the floor back, It is made of polymer resin material and glued to the bottom surface of the substrate to stabilize and protect against moisture. Laminate flooring is favored by consumers for its wear resistance, scratch resistance, no polishing, and lacquering.

(2) Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is divided into multi-layer glued bamboo flooring and single-layer side bamboo flooring. The appearance of bamboo flooring is natural and fresh, the texture is smooth and smooth, moisture-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosive, tough, elastic and hard.

(3) Bamboo and wood composite flooring

Bamboo-wood composite flooring is a composite product of bamboo and wood. Its panel and bottom plate are made of bamboo, and the core layer is mostly wood such as fir and eucalyptus. Bamboo-wood composite flooring has the advantage of bamboo flooring. The floor core material is made of raw materials, has good stability, is durable and has good foot feeling, and is warm in winter and cool in summer.

(four) solid wood flooring

1. Natural, environmental protection

Solid wood flooring is derived from nature and is itself an environmentally friendly product. Solid wood flooring has good foot feel, good sound insulation, cool winter and cool in summer, beautiful texture, most of which are imported species, from South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Brazil, Myanmar and other places. The fast-selling ones are balsam, heavy ant wood, eucalyptus, purple heart, merbau, teak, wood pod, jade, and gamut. Ganbadou and merbau are cheap and suitable for the general family; eucalyptus, wood, pea, and vegetative are the price-priced trees; balsam, heavy ant, palm, sap, tiger, teak, etc. are high-grade species. Solid wood flooring is a semi-finished product, "three-point floor seven-pack", the quality of laying technology is directly related to the later use of the floor. Compared with other types of wood flooring, solid wood cypress is particularly strict with the specialization of after-sales service, so In addition to paying attention to the quality of the floor to open the body, consumers also need to see how their after-sales service. In addition, solid wood flooring still has the problem that the name does not match the "real".

2, pay attention to the name does not match "real"

The names of solid wood flooring that do not conform to “real” can be classified into two types: one is a virtual name, that is, it is not in the name of wood science, and the name is set by the merchant itself, such as gold wood, rich wood, ivory wood, etc. In fact, it is not found in the national standard for timber names. Another type is Zhang Guan Li Dai, shoddy. That is, the color of the wood is processed, or similar or similar wood is used to replace the high-grade wood, and the name of the precious wood is hardly worn on the "head" of the non-precious wood.

3, can be repaired and painted many times

The choice of solid wood flooring is to pursue its true and natural feeling, not to pay too much attention to the hardness of the paint film, otherwise it will be smashed. Solid wood flooring is different from laminate flooring, and solid wood flooring can be repaired many times. In addition, the sound produced by the solid wood floor is not necessarily emitted by the floor itself, but may also be caused by the high moisture content of the wood keel.

4, the water content should be slightly lower than 12%

Although the solid wood floor is environmentally friendly, it is easily deformed and wormed and must be taken care of frequently. The choice of solid wood flooring mainly depends on the moisture content and film hardness. The moisture content of solid wood flooring should be slightly lower than the average moisture content of the provincial capital (12%). It is not good for both dry and excessive wetness. General floor sellers have solid wood floor moisture content testing equipment, and consumption can be detected on site. The hardness of the paint film can be detected by using a sharpened flat-headed H pencil, which has an angle of 45 degrees with the surface of the floor, and draws several lines on the surface of the floor.

5, do not blindly pursue luxury

Experts remind consumers that the price of solid wood flooring is generally high, and buying the wrong ones not only causes economic losses, but also affects the good mood of the decorators to create new homes. When consumers buy wooden flooring, they should try to choose quality products with high quality, heavy service and reputable enterprise. For some products that are not factory-named and have no external packaging, they should be carefully discriminated, and do not blindly pursue luxury. Be wary of the wooden floor with high price and strange name. You should handle the purchase procedure. You must remember to ask for the tree species and grade on the invoice as evidence for future rights protection.

(5) laminate flooring

1, to see the authority certification

Most of the laminate flooring is made of artificial forest, which protects the natural forest and conforms to the connotation of sustainable use of natural resources. It is an environmentally friendly material in a true and complete sense. Good laminate flooring should be beautifully packaged, with detailed text descriptions, manufacturer name, site, telephone number, etc. There is anti-counterfeiting mark on the back of the floor. Floor sales staff are generally self-selling, inspection reports are generally only responsible for the sample, the choice of laminate flooring depends on the authority certification: 1, the national exemption certification, products that have been exempted from certification must be in the quality inspection at the national and local levels for three consecutive years. There are no unqualified records. Among the more than 6,000 flooring brands, there are 16 nationally exempted from certification. 2, China's environmental label, is the only standard for distinguishing environmentally friendly flooring, the same mark has a strict scope of certification, consumers pay attention to whether the purchased floor and the scope of certification are consistent. 3, ISO9000, ISO9001, ISO1400, ISO14001 and other system certification, the company that passed the system certification has the ability to produce qualified products.

2, preferred strength brand

When consumers choose laminate flooring, they can put the floor together to look at the flatness, height difference, and size of the ends. Generally speaking, these problems are mainly caused by insufficient processing precision of the processing equipment. Many small workshop-style production plants The equipment is very simple, and the machining accuracy cannot be guaranteed at all. Moreover, these small factories do not have the ability to produce high-density boards, and there is no stable MDF purchase channel, and they cannot control the quality of the floor at all. Therefore, consumers should prefer the strength brand. The strength brand will not be as good as the small-scale enterprises to pursue short-term benefits, and the quality and after-sales service are trustworthy.

3, vigilant accessories pollution

Now consumers are very worried about the formaldehyde pollution of laminate flooring. Some merchants promise low formaldehyde and have inspection reports. However, the quality of the floor depends on its comprehensive performance. If the formaldehyde content is too small, the amount of glue is used. Not enough, it will lead to poor floor strength, not strong, the formaldehyde content of the floor as long as it meets environmental standards. Moreover, it is generally believed that only the floor itself will release formaldehyde, but in the actual installation process, a large amount of floor glue is used. In view of the environmentally friendly and moisture-proof high-quality floor glue, the price is lower and the inferior glue is not environmentally friendly. The amount of formaldehyde released by the glue is often much higher than the floor itself. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to environmentally friendly glue when paving the floor, or use less glue or glue.

It is understood that as the main ingredient of laminate flooring, the skirting board is also a hidden environmental “killer”. Because most wooden skirting boards are also glued, veneered or painted in the production process, and the surface of the skirting board cannot be as dense as the surface of the floor. The free formaldehyde in the substrate is easy to unscrupulously Released.

4, formaldehyde is not allowed to exceed 1.5mg / L

The quality of the laminate flooring is very important. The quality of the substrate directly determines the scientific performance, impact resistance and deformation probability of the laminate. The greater the thickness of the wear-resistant layer of the laminate flooring, the better the wear resistance, but the higher the price. The higher the water absorption thickness expansion index, the worse the moisture resistance. The laminate flooring contains a certain amount of formaldehyde. Excessive formaldehyde release will cause harm to the human body. For laminate flooring, the formaldehyde emission is not allowed to exceed 1.5 mg/L.

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