Good carbon water, bad carbon water, choose the right one to eat more and more thin

     Many small partners are guilty of eating when they lose weight. They choose food ingredients, especially when choosing carbon water. Some small partners may even fall into a certain misunderstanding - do not eat carbon water in order to lose weight. This is absolutely impossible.

     Why can't I cut off the carbon water? There are three reasons:

     1. When losing weight, cutting off the carbon water will result in a decrease in the body's ability to recover, which in turn will reduce the efficiency of weight loss and cause damage to the body.

     2. Carbon water keeps people alive and is a very important nutrient in the body. If you cut off the carbon water, people will become insane.

     3. You will miss a lot of delicious food. Without the encouragement of food, where is the motivation to lose weight?

     Most people have 50% to 60% of their calorie intake from carbohydrates. Since it is necessary to eat carbon water, one thing is clear: carbon water is good or bad. Good carbon water is good for your health, and bad carbon water can cause health problems if you eat too much.


To distinguish between good and bad carbohydrates, you can eat healthy and lose weight more easily.

     Good carbon water

     1. The amount of heat contained is low or medium. This will allow people to get enough heat while they are full. For example, if you eat the same weight of oatmeal and cream cake, the person who eats the cream cake will be hungry first, and the calorie intake is also higher than the cereal.

     2. High nutritional value (rich in minerals, vitamins, etc.)

     3. Rich in dietary fiber, dietary fiber can lower blood sugar and cholesterol. Dietary fiber-rich foods can delay hunger, so you can eat less, which means it's easier to lose weight. Dietary fiber also prevents acne, constipation and certain cancers.

     4. Low sodium (slimers should eat less salt and reduce the burden on the body)

     5. Low saturated fat (unsaturated fat is the best fat)

     6. Low cholesterol (usually not included), no trans fat (the biggest fat to the human body)



     Bad carbon water

     High heat

     2. Low nutritional value

     3. Low dietary fiber

     4. High sodium

     5. Will contain saturated fat, sometimes even trans fat

     6. Includes refined sugars (white sugar, syrup, artificial sweeteners)

     7. Includes finished grains such as flour

     8. Exquisite sugars and fine grains can cause high blood sugar, diabetes, etc.

     Here is a picture to show you the characteristics and classification of your good carbon water and bad carbon water:


Summarize the contents of the picture: When choosing food, try to choose natural, do not choose refined processing; the more processing steps, the higher the heat, the more unhealthy. When friends are making their own diet, they should also pay attention to the choice of high-quality carbon water, in order to eat more and more thin.

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