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The parameters of the Makita Lamborghini product are as follows:
Brand: Mughead Model: Lamborghini 2
Origin: China Size: 215 × 135 × 110CM (length × width × height)
Packing size: 40×14×14CM
Weight: 2.6kg
Accounts: 210T waterproof coating PU2000MM polyester, waterproof stickers within the account: 210T breathable polyester mesh: high-density precision nylon mesh account: 210T waterproof coating PU3000MM polyester, waterproof stickers struts: 3-bar aviation aluminum stent Manufacturer product picture:

Makita Lamborghini locates in an ordinary outdoor leisure account and three quarters accounts. The first feeling after getting it is a bit heavy and the outer package is slightly larger.
Lamborghini has always followed a good tradition. The outer packaging has a compressed beam design and marked performance parameters in prominent locations. Although slightly larger tent packaging, but the length of about 40cm is still suitable for plug-in, neither hindrance nor not surprisingly Lamborghini internal accounts and account posts with hanging button connection, easy to operate. It can be built after the four corners are fixed and shaped, saving time and effort.
Set up the inside account to see the multiple nylon breathable gauze nets inside the account. These gauze can not only ensure the ventilation when the internal account is used independently. It is also possible to ensure the circulation of hot and cold space inside and outside the account at night when the temperature changes, so as to achieve a balance between temperature and humidity within the account. I do not know whether it is because of this feature that the condensate in the second day is not a lot. Fully guaranteed the dryness of the sleeping bag.

Inside account side view

Hook link

Inside account front view

Tent rear view

Tent force point screenshot

Looking at the individual pull points of the internal accounts, it was found that the force points were additionally protected with multiple stitches. Guaranteed the stability and service life of the tent.

After entering the internal account, you can see the breathable gauze set at the corner. Adjust the air flow by adjusting these gauze during use. Turning on the gauze to introduce external drying can speed up the circulation of air in the account. This design is very human and very rare.
The storage bags of the internal accounts have been designed independently. For example, the top of the storage bag, the user can hang the net bag, you can also tied up the lights, increased more possibilities.

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