Grasping together to improve the compressive strength of corrugated cartons (2)

Thirdly, monitoring points are set in the process that has a great impact on the carton pressure resistance in the production process, so that the variable factors of the carton manufacturing process can be effectively monitored, problems can be discovered in time, and losses can be minimized as much as possible. Generally, the factors affecting the carton pressure resistance during the production of cardboard are mainly the abrasion of the corrugating roller; the temperature of the corrugating roller and the preheating cylinder; the amount of glue applied is too large; the gap on the double-sided machine rides the roller, and the tension and moisture in the surface are not Uniformly caused warpage of the board; the width and depth of the transverse pressure line of the corrugator. In order to effectively control the influence of the above factors, the quality inspection department must detect and record the following items when producing cartons that have pressure resistance requirements:

Cardboard thickness Adhesive strength of cardboard Cardboard moisture Cardboard glue line width.

When the problem occurs, through the comparison of the records recorded in the same or similar cartons at each time, the problem is searched and the cause is corrected to correct the error so as to prevent the recurrence of the problem. In addition to the above items, the technical department also regularly inspects the shrinkage of each corrugating roll to analyze the wear of the corrugating roll, and periodically maintain or replace the corrugating roll to prevent the corrugation from forming due to wear of the corrugating roll. . In the process of post-carton processing, the factors influencing the carton pressure resistance are: the gap of the paper feed roller of the printing machine; the indentation of the excess printing pressure; the depth of the carton groove; the thickness loss caused by the die-cutting pressure and the retraction sponge on the carton corrugation The distance between the front and rear nails of the nail box and the pressure line. In order to effectively control the above items, the quality inspection department shall detect and record the following items:

Thickness of blank part after printing on board Thickness of printed part,
Empty compressive strength before printing,
Carton compressive strength after printing.

Operator of printing department. In addition to carefully adjusting the feed roller gap and the printing pressure during the production process, the operator must also carefully adjust the position and the clearance of the feed roller, the position and pressure of the paper strip, and carefully clean the printing roller and the pressure during daily maintenance. The ink is accumulated on the roller to avoid excessive printing pressure and excess indentation caused by ink accumulation. The die-cutting process must ensure that the pressure control can be rolled through 80%, and other parts must be solved by adjusting the blade or pad. In addition, as long as the retreating sponge can be retracted, excess sponge should be removed to prevent excessive damage to the corrugation strength. The nail box should ensure that the distance between the front and rear nails from the midpoint of the transverse pressure line is controlled within the range of 1.3mm±7mm.

In addition, the storage and transportation department should minimize the number of handling during storage and transportation. Bare loading and unloading, pedaling, etc. will affect the compressive strength of the carton.

In short, through the coordination and cooperation of various departments, the physical properties of corrugated boxes are transferred to the joint management of their own work, so that the production of the raw materials with the utmost physical properties meets the requirements of customers. Corrugated cartons will no longer be difficult.

(Author/Zhang Shuquan Qingdao Runhai Packaging Material Co., Ltd.)

Source of information "Corrugated carton" 2005, 9

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