Heidelberg's SM 74 Extended Double Sided Press

According to news from Heidelberg, the SM 74 double-sided press with 10 printing units has been upgraded with glazing units and UV units for a wide range of substrates, ensuring maximum flexibility and productivity.

Heidelberger said that in the summer of 2005 it will introduce the Speedmaster CD 74, a six-color double-sided printing press. It is the first of its kind in the world.

It is said that the machine can achieve high-quality double-sided printing quality, can be printed on paper and paperboard printing materials, and the exchange time between single-sided and double-sided printing is very short.

The installation of the first machines proved to be successful and had outstanding advantages in terms of speed and cost savings.

The machine can also use UV technology to achieve different coating and surface finishing effects, and its flexibility has been greatly improved.

For substrates varying in thickness from 0.03mm (0.0012 inch) paper to 0.8mm (0.03 inch) paperboard, the machine is capable of printing four- and five-color jobs in a single pass.

UV units can also print films and plastic sheets. According to Heidelberg, the machine's maximum speed of 15,000 sheets/hour, short print preparation time and high degree of automation make it the most suitable choice for printers engaged in commercial, packaging and label production.

Kurt Paredis, CEO of the Haletra printing company in Belgium, said: “Heidelberg Speedmaster CD74 eight-color printing press has increased our production efficiency by 30%. Smooth paper conveying process, reliable and stable paper turnover capability, a wide range of printing All these machine features are memorable."

Haletra Printing, as a fieldtest customer for Heidelberger, received the first extended length of the duplexer. At the same time, the British Hickling company is also a field test customer. Its chief executive Richard Wells commented: “The printing preparation speed is very fast and the printing quality is very good. It can print high-quantity printing materials including cardboard. Because Preset feeder is simple and easy, It can be set soon enough to increase productivity.” At present, 75% of Hickling's orders are positive and negative four-color jobs.

Therefore, for the company, Speedmaster CD 74 8-color double-sided printing press is extremely suitable.

Speedmaster CD 74 series printers come in two sizes. One is F-type for packaging printing. The printing format is 60.5cm x 74 cm (23.82 inches x 29.13 inches). The other is Type C for commercial printing. The size is 53cm x 74cm (20.87 inches x 29.13 inches)

The German printer Offset-Druck Mecklenburg used a Speedmaster CD 74 five-color perfector with a glazing unit and an extension conveyor.

Jens Zehl, CEO of the company, said: "When printing a product such as a CD cover, the F-size press is twice as fast as a regular press."

According to Heidelberg, the production capacity of the Heidelberg F-type press will increase by 50% due to its excellent use. The short preparation time of the CD 74 and the simple operation of the machine through the Prinect CP2000 control system gave Zehl a very deep impression.

Offset-Druck's business is continuing to develop. Recently, it has ordered a Speedmaster CD 74 eight-color double-sided printing machine with a coating unit.

Heidelberg believes that the double-sided printing machine with the coating unit and the combined double-sided printing method reflect the design concept of Heidelberger, which provides a modular and flexible printing machine so that it can be tailored to the customer's needs.

Browns CTP, the UK printing company, will install the SM CD 74 with 12 printing units, which Heidelberg considers to be the longest press in the medium format.

Along with this special press, the Cutstar web cutter is also shipped to the United Kingdom for less expensive paper rolls.
Source: Heidelberg

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