Home feng shui is common and often commits five major taboos.

Before designing a home, do a good job of designing. The first consideration is home feng shui, which will have an impact on future life. You think that the perfect decoration, there may be a lot of hidden dangers, hurry to see, let the bad feng shui away from you.

1, the window sill as a bed, the crisis

Due to residential environmental problems, many homes use window sills as beds. This will allow you to make the most of your bed and increase the width of the bed. Although these methods can make full use of the area of ​​the window sill, when you are not careful when you sleep, you will break the glass or cause a fatal accident. In particular, children's beds should not be too close to the window sill, because they are curious, often attracted by things outside the window and looking out of the window or climbing out of the window frame, which will lead to dangerous accidents. Therefore, the child's bed position is best placed near the corner. At the same time, the windows inside the house should not be too much or too low, as long as there is no problem in indoor air circulation. Because the bed is too close to the window, if the window is too close to the street, sleep is like sleeping on the street. When you encounter lightning or lightning, it will lead to lack of sleep and psychological fear. In fact, Feng Shui is also a psychology and environmental science. As long as the environment is properly improved to cater to the feng shui, it is not a superstitious thing. Next

The role of wooden box packaging

Wooden box packaging is to use wooden packaging containers to protect the items to be protected, wooden box packaging was originally a packaging product to facilitate the transport and storage, for some of the easily damaged items in the transport and storage with a wooden packaging container for reinforcement, Play a protective role.


Wooden box packaging application

Electronic products, power industry, automotive manufacturing, communications equipment, glass products, furniture, home appliances, handicrafts, fragile items, antiques, transportation, warehousing, and various machinery and equipment.


Wooden packing type

Solid wooden box packaging, export wooden box packaging, vacuum wooden box packaging, environmental protection wooden box packaging, steel belt wooden box packaging, fumigation wooden box packaging, wooden lattice box packaging, shockproof wooden box packaging, military wooden packaging, decompressed wood Box packaging, heat-treated wooden box packaging, free inspection wooden box packaging.


Development Trend of Wooden Box Packaging--Steel Box Packaging

After the modern wooden box packaging entered the 21st century, the use of packaging has undergone great changes. The original packaging was traditionally designed to facilitate transportation and basic protection of goods, but the practical role of wooden box packaging after the 21st century has changed. Great changes have taken place. The basic principle of modern wooden box packaging is to continuously improve the performance of the packaging and the added value of the packaging. Special attention should be paid to the role of the wooden box packaging, not only to transport and protect cargo security, but also To achieve aesthetics, convenience, and practicality, to enhance the potential value of products, wooden box packaging is a product that consumes natural resources. Yanhua International Packaging's requirements for wooden box packaging are green, energy-saving and resources-saving, and strive for a green earth.

Customized Wooden Box

Customized Wooden Box

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