Home sales frequently promote home products to remember these 诀窍

Industry insiders reminded that when it comes to home sales promotion, the public can save money and easily shop after mastering the four tips.

Recently, many people who visit home stores have found that the prices of some household items such as cabinets, wardrobes and bedding are obviously more expensive than last year. According to statistics, the retail prices of many building materials and furniture brands have risen significantly at the beginning of this year. However, the person in charge of the major home stores in Liancheng said that the sales situation was not affected by the price factor. With the arrival of the renovation season, the store increased the frequency of promotional activities to attract more customers. Here, the industry also specifically reminded that the promotion node to visit the home store to "shop more than a number", carefully sign the contract, check the product quality assurance book and agree on the delivery time, not only can save costs, but also ensure product quality.

Home store promotions are frequent

According to the reporter's understanding, since the beginning of this year, the promotion frequency of the Lotus Home Store has been significantly improved. Promotional activities will be launched every weekend, attracting many home buyers to go shopping. For example, the Taimei Special Home Living Museum, the Blue Sky International Home Plaza, the Chasong Double Happiness Furniture Expo Center and other stores, the “3·15” and “May 1st” promotion activities have just ended, and the following promotions are being prepared intensively. "At present, it has entered the peak season of decoration. With the brand effect and preferential promotion measures, the store can stimulate consumer demand. At the same time, the manufacturers' joint stores bring benefits to consumers in various forms of promotion, so they are favored by home buyers. Our store may launch a lot of surprises every weekend, so that consumers can benefit." The store owner of the Chaoshuangxiu Furniture Expo Center told the reporter.

Master the trick to shop easily

Industry insiders reminded that when it comes to home sales promotion, the public can save money and easily shop after mastering the four tips.

First, "the goods are more than a lot", consumers can spend a week or two to run several stores, compare the prices of goods that need to be purchased at different stores, and the preferred store that can be returned when shopping.

Second, we must first choose the brand home building materials, pay attention to check and check the brand warranty of the goods, instructions for use, etc., for example, to buy the floor, you should understand the solid content, harmful gas release, maintenance instructions, etc., if these basic instructions are not Then, if the goods are cheaper, don't buy them.

Third, not only are there more discounts on the store, but also a variety of promotional activities. Consumers must make sure that these offers are true before signing the contract. It is best to indicate them in the contract.

Fourth, you must determine the delivery time after purchasing the goods. Today's home building materials are mostly futures. Many products are customized according to the consumer's demand for color, size, etc., and the delivery time is delayed accordingly. However, as long as it is a big brand store, it will be delivered within the time required by consumers. Go to the door.

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