How about Gaoyi bathroom? How about Gaoyi bathroom?

The first bathroom brand to enter the "1 billion euro club" and account for 8% of the world's bathroom market-German GROHE, which is called "Benz" and "BMW" in the faucet world, is also widely known in China. So what about GROHE bathroom? Is it really that good? Let's take a look.

The German GROHE Group was founded in 1936 and is a world-renowned supplier of sanitary products and systems and a global exporter. GROHE is the master of faucets in the world and the top brand of home decoration. Years of development have also made GROHE Sanitary Ware a pioneer and leader in the bathroom industry, the same type in the water heater and air-conditioning products industry.

Today, the GROHE product design center in Hemer, Germany, established in 1997, is still the pioneer and leader of its kind in the bathroom industry, water heaters and air-conditioning products industry. In addition to providing leading designs for all high-quality GROHE products, this center also provides an exhibition hall for product elites, architecture and visual arts.

GROHE Group holds approximately 8% of the world market share and is the largest leading bathroom facility manufacturer in Europe and the world. As a world-class brand of bathroom faucets and systems, GROHE has set standards in terms of quality, function and design. The company is headquartered in Hemer, Germany, and currently has 5,200 employees worldwide, including 3,200 employees in Germany. In 2005, the company's kitchen and bathroom faucets, showers, commercial automatic bathroom faucets, as well as bathroom installation systems and flushing systems sales reached 865 million euros. GROHE has six manufacturing plants, three of which are located outside Germany, Portugal, Thailand and Canada. Company 80's sales revenue comes from other regions outside Germany.

German GROHE ’s own quality has been recognized globally, and it is the designated sanitary ware supplier of well-known hotels such as Shangri-La Hotel and Hyatt Hotel. The GROHE product design center, established in 1997, provides GROHE sanitary ware with strong technical support in many industries such as bathroom sanitary ware, and has obtained the international quality recognition certificate ISO9001. The quality and advantages of GROHE bathroom products are obvious. The leading technology, patented carbonized technology spool and humanistic care for users have subtly enhanced the image of GROHE bathroom in the minds of consumers.

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