How about the quality of Belang bathroom

"Bravat" is a sanitary ware brand originated in Germany, a sanitary ware brand developed in China, and a brand with extensive influence in the Asian sanitary industry, inadvertently displaying its unique Charm, let's understand how the quality of Beren bathroom in Germany and the price of Beren sanitary ware official website.

Brief introduction


1. Brief introduction of German Belang Sanitary Ware Company

Bravat (Bravat) is a sanitary brand under the German Dietsch Group. The company was founded in 1873. It is a large-scale group company dedicated to inheriting traditional skills and providing stylish design smart bathroom solutions for global customers. In the global sanitary ware industry, how many sanitary ware companies have “100 years old”? Beren Sanitary Ware in Germany has reached a life span of nearly 120 years so far, making it the veteran of the global fashion sanitary ware industry.

2. Brief Introduction of Beilang (China) Company

Beren Sanitary Ware entered China in 2000. Since its establishment, its sanitary ware products have been sought after by Chinese consumers for its excellent appearance design and reliable quality. It is China's high-end sanitary ware brand. Belang Sanitary Ware has set up R & D and design centers in Germany and China, and its products are spread all over the world, and are widely concerned and praised in the industry. In 2012, Belang Sanitary Ware completed a series of global operational changes and supply chain integration, and believes that the future development will be faster.

What is the quality of Beren bathroom in Germany?


1. The design concept of Beren bathroom in Germany

Beren bathroom in Germany is widely praised in the industry and abroad for its unique design style and unparalleled realization ability. Each product of Belang Sanitary Ware incorporates a unique design concept, with a design style that is no different from that of its peers, it has become a personalized sanitary ware and a timeless representative of the industry.

2. What is the quality of the German bathroom

In addition to the unique and avant-garde design style, the German Bellang bathroom has inherited the reliable quality of "German goods" as the high-end brand of the German old-fashioned bathroom Dietsche company. Whether it is its bathroom furniture, shower room, ceramics, bathtub, Or the quality of bathroom hardware or accessories can meet the standards of national laboratories in the United States, Britain, Australia and other countries.

Advantages of Belang Sanitary Ware


1. Advanced production system:

Beren Sanitary Ware of Germany has advanced production equipment, intelligent testing system and CNC machining equipment, as well as the most advanced and comprehensive sanitary testing laboratory. The export quality can meet the standards of national laboratories in the United States, Britain, Australia and other countries. R & D and innovation, professional production, supporting capabilities, cost-effective advantages, product design and solution capability construction have become the most competitive advantages of enterprises.

2. Superb process technology:

Beren Sanitary Ware always takes the quality of its products as the basic foothold of all its breakthroughs. After more than ten years of experience accumulation, Belang Sanitary Ware has formed strict standards for production base and supply chain management. Oberland Sanitary Ware has formed strategic cooperation with the world's first-class sanitary ware manufacturing enterprises and intelligent control technology enterprises to ensure the nearly stringent requirements and standards in technology, process and manufacturing.

3. Unique design:

The outstanding craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation of Bella Sanitary Ware in Germany guarantees the perfect details of product manufacturing, and maintains the highest mold opening success rate in the industry. The precise control of fine technology makes the personalized products of Bella Sanitary Ware in Germany reliable. Quality Assurance.

Belang Sanitary Ware official website price


The price of Belang Sanitary Ware has always attracted much attention. How does the price of Belang Sanitary Ware compare with the prices of other sanitary ware brands?

Belang Sanitary Ware Price List Sanitary Brand Product Type Model Size (mm) Price (Yuan) Belang · Anju Basin Faucet ERF110983134.5 * 163.6 * 45980.00Beilang · Anzhu Shower Faucet ERF64898C150 * 182 * 45599.00 * 126 * 42848.00 Beren · single-sink sink ERK114601E520 * 460 * 195 ± 31192.00 Belen · single-sink sink ERK124401ME798 * 446 * 203 ± 31529.00 Beren · sinking shower set ERD266C238 * 108 * 29330.00

The above data comes from the Internet, for reference only, the price of specific sanitary ware products is subject to the dealer's quotation!

These editors share some of the price information of Belang Sanitary Ware for everyone. Through this information, Belang is more expensive than other sanitary ware brands. I believe everyone already knows. In summary, in the above, the editor mainly introduced the two aspects of the quality of the German Bella Sanitary Ware and the price of the Bella Sanitary Ware official website to help you understand the German Bella Sanitary Ware more intuitively. For more information, please follow this website!

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