How graduate students deal with the relationship with their tutors

The relationship between graduate students and tutors is no longer a simple teacher-student relationship. It is simple and simple, not simple and simple.

An extreme example is that graduate students compare the mentor to a "Zhou Paipi" who only refuses and exploits cheap labor. The mentor regards the graduate student as an "adult" who has no intention of learning, is concentrating on diplomas, and can't help the wall.

In fact, an average graduate student also spends two years with his tutor on average. In these two years, we often have to discuss relevant issues face to face and exchange views. This process generally does not exist in middle schools and universities. If you are a PhD student with a continuous Ph.D. degree, it may take five years, and this five-year period is the best time for this graduate student. The five-year period is not long, but it is not short. If the teacher-student relationship is not handled well, it is very embarrassing and will lead to undesirable consequences.

Therefore, the quality of the teacher-student relationship not only affects the future of the students, but also affects the credibility and performance of the tutor. How to deal with the relationship between teachers and students, this article only talks from the perspective of graduate students.

1. Scene reproduction

1. Wish

Health (passionately): Teacher, my family conditions are not good, my parents want me to change my destiny through knowledge.

Teacher (appreciation place): Very good and ambitious! Postgraduates are no more than undergraduates. A lot of time is free to control. The key to studying during the research is to cultivate scientific research qualities. Therefore, learning must have passion, initiative, and study with heart.

Student (confidently): My English is good. I have passed level 6 and my computer is good. I hope I can take part in your project as soon as I start school, so that I can get a full range of exercise.

Teacher (satisfied): No problem. Last year I just applied for an NSFC project successfully. I will give you one of the important contents!

Health (movingly): Thank you so much, I will live up to your hopes!

Teacher (cheerfully): Okay. If you don't understand, ask, this is my mobile phone number and QQ number.

2. Confused

Teacher (dissatisfied): How has the subject progressed after so long?

Health (tossing and vomiting): Teacher, I will not, the subject can not go on!

Teacher (not sure): Haven't you learned all these things in college?

Health (sorry): I learned something fragmented in college. I have never done anything with a real knife. I have passed the test by rote and passed it to the teacher.

Teacher: Why don't you consult the relevant literature? Isn't your English level 6?

Health (shyly): Sorry, dumb English, deaf English level, read the original English article authentically, and found that it is not the material!

Teacher (confusingly): Why not ask your brother, sister, or teacher in class?

Students (embarrassed): The graduate courses are not as good as those of undergraduates. They are all original teachers and teach the original things. They do n’t even have internships. After the teacher took the ass and walked away, how can I ask? I do n’t understand anything, I ’m so grown-up, it hurts my self-esteem!

Teacher: Why don't you ask me for advice? Didn't you give you your mobile number and QQ number?

Student: Teacher, you are very busy with your work and housework. I ’m so embarrassed to disturb! Besides, I do n’t know anything, the scientific research foundation is 0, the brain is not very smart, and the response is relatively slow.

Teacher (disappointed): Alas! Teachers have so many topics, so much research pressure, and bring so many students, but you will not do anything, I really hope you can help the teacher!

Health (choked up): Teacher, let you down! Actually, I am also very uncomfortable. More than once, I called my relatives and friends, chatted with QQ, and talked about the lack of progress in study and wasted time.

3. Disappointment

Teacher (angrily): I haven't seen each other for half a year. Where did I go?

Health (reasonably): Teacher, I have found a unit outside and I am doing an internship! In addition, I am in love, old men and women, it is not easy to talk to a friend, you always have to give me some discretion. Time.

Teacher (Long-term focus): The most important thing during studying is to learn the methods of scientific research and cultivate the quality of scientific research.

Student (dissatisfied): Teacher, you also know that I am not a scientific research material, anyway, I will not do scientific research in the future, so go outside and accumulate some social experience.

Teacher (Warning): You must know that there are no scientific research results. How about writing your resume? You ca n’t leave it blank.

Health (full of care): Looking for a job, public institutions, monopoly state-owned enterprises are all fighting for their father, scores are useless. Besides, there is not much correlation between civil service examinations and scientific research results.

Teacher (excited): Good! Good! I can't control you. However, if the thesis is to be blindly reviewed, the quality should always pass?

Health (indifferently): Here, you do n’t have to worry about the teacher. Anyway, none of our schools can get a degree. You see, in our discipline, there are more grazing students who have lived together. Is the thesis defense still not OK?

4. Breakup

Teacher (disappointed): On the eve of the defense, I was looking at a bunch of draft papers submitted by students with a bull head that was wrong with Ma Zui, looking at the scientific research topic that I was badly criticized because of the student ’s lack of strength. When the ticket sent by the instrument is lost, the tutor can't stop lamenting while revising the draft of the thesis: Ruzi can't be taught too!

Student (angrily): After studying for three years, I didn't learn anything. I did a lot of work in reporting and doing chores! Before getting employed, the tutor didn't help. Look at the disciples of other officials. They entered the public institution and monopolized the state-owned enterprises early! But they had to go home and eat old after graduation! Regret it!

Voiceover: On the day of the graduation ceremony, the tutor did not attend the graduation ceremony of the students. On the second day of graduation, both parties simultaneously blacked out the list of opponents in the QQ space, and since then have never been in contact!

2. Contradiction analysis

1. Purpose of scientific research

First of all, ask yourself: what is the purpose of studying for a post, nothing more than confusing a diploma, delaying graduation, increasing employment chips, changing platforms, and liking for scientific research.

Secondly, no matter what the purpose is, the real cattle can not only do a good job in scientific research, but also perform well in social activities. Everyone can observe this nearby.

In the end, anyway, after studying, you have nothing to do except eating, drinking, watching movies, and falling in love. Practicing technology, forming scientific thinking habits, and developing problem-solving skills, do n’t you lose?

2. How to do scientific research

Most people do n’t know how to do scientific research, otherwise there will be no above scenes. As a graduate student, I will complain more about the Chinese exam-oriented education. The undergraduate did not teach me anything; the tutor only knows how to pull the project, regardless of me; No one has done it, no one helped me. . . . Is it really?

First of all, be clear in understanding. Even for a cattle like Shi Yigong, scientific research is very hard and puts a lot of energy, and scientific research itself is to cultivate your ability to independently carry out scientific thinking, so it is impossible to hand over a known thing and a problem that does not need to be overcome. You, otherwise, have lost the ability to do scientific research. It is really a waste of several years, just a diploma, do n’t be fortunate. No matter what kind of work you are engaged in in the future, the mixed mentality will be wasted in the past few years because you solve the problem. The idea is always similar.

Secondly, scientific research should pay attention to skills. Why do some people make scientific research progress smoothly? Is it really his subject that is relatively simple? Are others willing to help him? Even so, it also benefits from him being a caring person. When you are still in school and feel that you can play for one year in graduate school, he has already entered the laboratory in advance to understand the basics of the laboratory, the research topics of various brothers and sisters, and help with the experiment. He will be easier to choose than you. A topic that suits you, and master the opportunity to select the topic, take the lead in mastering the basic experimental skills, and of course the help of the senior. Take an early step and go step by step. Many places afterwards are the same. There are many specific techniques on Lilac Pass.

Finally, the status of the mentor is viewed correctly. Should he take you to experiment? Or should you guide you at an appropriate time? Once a mentor is selected, as long as it is not a mentor with poor motivation, misconduct, weird personality, unstudy, academic misconduct, then basically There is too much contradiction, if you unfortunately meet the above five kinds of mentors, find a college or even a graduate institution, and quickly replace it. If not, then as long as you have done your job well, follow the tips below to communicate with your tutor, there will not be too many problems.

3. How to communicate with the tutor

(1) Looking for a mentor with thoughts and plans: It is normal to encounter problems in the process of scientific research. Are you like most people? If you encounter problems and do n’t want anything, just ask others to include a mentor? If so In this way, don't blame your tutor for not giving you guidance. Normal people are reading a lot of literature, using various forces, summing up and putting forward their own solutions, and then going to discuss with the tutor. What is a mentor? Take the general direction and give you guidance at your key points. On specific topics, it is normal for you to be more professional and understand more than your tutor. So bring the processed experimental data and summarize information with a lot of literature to negotiate with your mentor.

(2) Communicate your ideas with your mentor: whether you want to graduate early or make some achievements in scientific research, find the right time to talk with your mentor about your ideas, so that the mentor can adjust your research progress. Generally speaking, there will be workload requirements for graduates from each school. Generally, when you meet it, the tutor will not come to you. If you do n’t want to continue, it is convenient for the tutor to find the next handover job, and if you want to With further study and early communication, the tutor will also leave you more opportunities.

(3) Little secretary as a mentor: The laboratory is more complicated now, the staff come from different colleges, the level and quality are different, and the management is more difficult. And if you are in a laboratory, if you are not a complaining party, always actively strive to create a harmonious environment, not only will the tutors impress you a bit, but also free their time, thus guiding everyone in scientific research and thesis writing.

to sum up

I'll write it here for the time being and summarize it: people are mutual. If you think about your mentor, he will also consider it for you. There is also the scientific research for the sake of themselves. Understand these two sentences, only need to focus on how to overcome scientific research problems, only represent the words of a family, for reference.

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