How to choose a bed frame and a sofa bed?

Everyone likes to dress up the living room very stylish, buy brand-name sofas, brand-name coffee tables, but it is also important to choose a good bed, the bed frame supports the mattress, so the bed frame is another key to choose the bed, a good bed The frame allows the function of the mattress to be better played.

How to choose a bed frame?

The curved bed frame is generally called "arc-shaped plate", and the "arc-shaped plate" has a skeleton shape, also called a row skeleton. The good quality "arc-shaped row skeleton" will be relatively strong and elastic, under normal conditions. There is no problem with adults stepping on it. In general, the thinner the slats of the "arc-row skeleton", the more the number of bars, the better the elasticity, the better the load-bearing and the higher the comfort.

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In general, an ergonomic, well-crafted, and ergonomic bed frame is a good bed frame.

1. Select the bed frame to see if the “row skeleton” is strong and flexible. The brand enterprise will add a plastic skin valve to each board to reduce the sound and increase the elasticity.

2, careful consumers will also go to see the bed, the bed is mainly to see three places, one is hardware, to see if there is a texture; the second is to ask whether to use natural wood to make the frame, whether the raw materials have been dried, fumigation , deworming treatment. The third is to observe the thickness of the board, the thickness of the brand bedding will be 1.9cm thick.

Bed frame material type

Wooden bed frames are the most common bed frame. Wood has a natural affinity, can be combined with a variety of decoration styles, and other furniture is easy to produce a harmonious beauty. The wooden bed frame is generally comfortable and not suitable for leaning.

The metal bed frame metal is sturdy and durable. Common metal bed frames are available in both copper and wrought iron. The copper bed frame gives a noble and elegant feel, while the wrought iron bed frame creates a romantic atmosphere. The choice of metal bed frame must pay attention to the cooperation with the decoration style. In general, they can only be coordinated with elegant, retro styles and furniture. Because the metal has cold and hard properties, it has the worst comfort and is not suitable for people who like to read and watch TV on the bed.

The soft pack bed frame has the best comfort and is perfect for those who like to stay in bed. The material of the coated bed frame is mainly composed of fabric and leather. The fabric has a wide selection surface and can be adapted to various decoration styles. The disadvantage is that it is relatively easy to be dirty.

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How to choose the bed frame of the folding sofa

The folding bed frame of the sofa also needs to be considered when buying a folding sofa. So how do you choose?

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First, check the fabric of the sofa bed. The fabric of the sofa bed is mostly composed of blends of chemical fiber and natural fiber. The purchaser needs to pay attention to the texture of the sofa bed fabric. The density is not high, the thickness is too thin, the fabric is too thin, otherwise it is easy to be scratched.

Second, look at the frame of the sofa bed. Most of the sofa beds are made of steel frame. The purchaser needs to see if the frame welding of the sofa bed is smooth enough, there is no gap in the middle, how about the elasticity of the sofa bed spring, you can try to shake the sofa bed to see if it is firm enough, will it be? generates noise.

Third, test the softness of the sofa. The buyer can feel on the sofa bed, whether it is comfortable when lying down, whether there will be a sound, if there is a squeaking sound, the quality of the spring is not very good.

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