How to do uneven skin tone, nude makeup to help you

Many girls have been worrying about uneven skin tone ! Every time I go out, I do n't want to make heavy makeup, but the uneven skin color can only be covered with a heavy makeup. At this time, the glossy nude makeup that is handed to everyone today can help you!

How to do uneven skin tone, shiny nude makeup to help you

Good color makeup with makeup: 30%

Suitable for the crowd: uneven skin tone, insufficient gloss

The flawless and lustrous skin is the first element of our perfect skin. Use a moisturizing CC cream to even out the complexion, conceal and brighten, and then use the eye concealer to cover the dark circles and repel the tiredness. Bright eyes. Finally, the skin is swept to the whole face to give the skin a natural and transparent luster. The thin and flawless bare muscles will be moisturized!


How to do uneven skin tone, shiny nude makeup to help you

Step1. Use the base makeup sponge to evenly pat the CC cream with moisturizing effect on our cheeks, forehead, nose and lower forehead.

Step2. Reconcile the liquid highlight liquid with CC cream 1:1, and apply it in the large C area and T area with a makeup brush to increase the three-dimensional look of makeup!

How to do uneven skin tone, shiny nude makeup to help you

Step3. Concentrate the CC cream with the concealer 1:2, cover the eye socket, the nose is closed, and the lip is slightly dull.

Step4. Draw an appropriate amount of bright muscle repair powder, evenly sweep the entire face, enhance the skin's natural and transparent gloss, and play the role of makeup. >>>Prepare 4 steps before makeup to make the makeup more docile

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