Huo Siyan's white beauty and back maintenance

With the advancement of society, people's demands for beauty are getting higher and higher. From the face to the body and even the skin, the title of beauty is missed with a little carelessness. Avoiding the female stars fighting for "hegemony" and playing the perspective of the perspective, Huo Siyan chose to make the milky smooth and beautiful back as the focus of the lens, which made everyone marvel.

Huo Siyan's white beauty and back maintenance

Huo Siyan, who had just had a good fire at the Berlin Film Festival, has repeatedly captured the public's attention with her beautiful back. For how to maintain and exercise your back line, Huo MM must have a lot of thoughts, this time, Xiaobian will come to the United States to reveal the secret.

Huo Yanyan’s red dress has a sharp contrast with the white silky beauty. The sexy and feminine style makes the winter in Berlin add a lot of warmth, and it is undoubtedly the red carpet. The protagonist is really beautiful and has a good heart.

Huo MM likes the backless is not a rare event. As early as 2008, she was dubbed by the film "The Last Gege" and was dubbed "human flesh and light". Since then, she has often dressed in a halter. In each of the big games, you can see how confident Hussein has on his back.

Mentioned the beauty back skills Huo MM talked and laughed, she said: beautiful, sexy back, the back is required to be smooth and smooth, the skin should be very good, there must be a little bit of firm meat, the shoulders should have some skin. Can not be too fat, can not see two beautiful shoulder blades; can not be too thin, thin to even the spine beads can be seen ugly.


To get a smooth and delicate back, the essential step is to have regular exfoliation. It can be gently scrubbed with a special long-handle bath brush or loofah. Some people have acne and acne due to strong oil secretion. In this case, sulphur soap or anti-inflammatory essential oils (such as tea trees, lavender, etc.) can be added to the water for bathing. Immediately after removing the keratin, apply a lotion to prevent moisture loss.

Buy a cream that suits you

Apply a cream every day after bathing to help the skin retain moisture, but too oily lotion will cause skin burden and even cause skin problems such as acne. Therefore, you should choose a refreshing body lotion according to your skin characteristics to prevent the skin trouble caused by excessive oil secretion. In the summer, you can also use lotion as a back moisturizer.

Ah!! It turns out that the cream that is too thick is not good, and I will pay attention next time.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Regularly go to the body club or spa every week to receive a professional back lymphatic massage, which can help the blood circulation to relax the back muscles, while promoting lymphatic drainage, excreting waste from the body, and restoring the back skin to whiteness and luster. In addition, the essential oils used in the SPA can also help the back skin to be smooth and hydrated.

Alternating hot and cold water bath

Overheated water temperature will cause early relaxation of the back skin. It is recommended that the water temperature of the bath should not be too high, staying between 30 and 45 degrees Celsius. You can also use the cold water sprayer to spray the back skin to make the skin firmer.

If you are in poor health, it is recommended not to wash with cold water. It is easy to catch a cold~~

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