Impression tiger spot picked up 2012 solid wood furniture popular style

2012 is a turning point in the Chinese economy and an important period for the transformation and upgrading of industrial development. China's furniture industry has experienced financial crisis, real estate regulation and market downturn, especially the unprecedented credibility crisis; after CCTV, following the home appliances, building materials, food and other industries, the first high-profile exposure to the furniture industry; Da Vinci incident The outbreak shows that the furniture industry has no secrets compared with other industries. It is no longer "hidden in the mountains," and furniture consumption will enter a new era: the era of consumer brands or the popularized brand.

Solid wood furniture enters the era of consumer brand era, tiger spots set off 2012 popular style

Return to the essence of home life, feel the beauty of natural home

After years of fission integration in the market, the furniture industry will return to the essence of home life, let consumers feel the beauty of home life, feel the high-grade furniture culture is the common mission of the furniture industry. The life direction pursued by the elites who pursue high-quality life is expressed in the home, not just the luxury of furniture products, but the comfortable, environmentally friendly, healthy, fashionable and elegant life experience, the pursuit of beauty, design Integration with culture. More importantly, pay attention to the organic combination of home and nature, let the home become a pure land to release stress and liberate the soul, and create a unique home life. The bursting of the fake foreign brands triggered by the Da Vinci incident has brought the market and marketing back to the normal track of the essence of home life. The beauty of natural homes must become the value core of furniture brands.

Solid wood furniture enters the era of consumer brands Impression tiger spots set off the 2012 popular style

Solid wood furniture enters the era of consumer brand era, tiger spots set off 2012 popular style

Open a new era of solid wood furniture consumer brands

Along with the collective memory of a series of events in the furniture market in 2011, compared with the industries where home appliances and building materials have already been brand-first, the furniture industry can no longer “muffle the money”, and the era of closed profits for furniture is over, a new round The focus of competition will definitely be brand design! The market has nurtured consumers and educated consumers. Consumers are paying more and more attention to furniture brands, and furniture brands are gradually entering the mainstream of consumers. They have a high understanding of lifestyle and an infinite pursuit of quality of life. The demand of consumers is the most important driving force for brand development. Solid wood furniture has changed from the product value stage of selling materials to the brand value. Zhu Changling, chairman of the China Furniture Association, also believes that modern solid wood furniture brands that emphasize comfort, environmental protection, and health, natural and cultural connotations will become the mainstream of consumption for a long period of time in the future, or will open a new brand of solid wood furniture consumption. An era.

Modern solid wood style furniture has become the mainstream of consumption

The reason why solid wood furniture is welcomed by more and more domestic consumers is simply because, with the improvement of modern people's living standards, people's awareness of environmental protection, quality of life, quality of life, GNH (Gross National Happiness) The requirements are getting higher and higher, and solid wood furniture just caters to this demand.

So, what are the styles of solid wood furniture that are more liked by consumers? In recent years, in the market, whether it is home stores or major furniture exhibitions, the furniture brands of modern solid wood style in solid wood furniture are particularly favored in the market. The sales situation in the market is relatively good, and there are many such as Baisen furniture. The first-line brand, compared with the overall downturn of the furniture market in the past two years, solid wood furniture can be described as unique.

Solid wood furniture enters the era of consumer brands Impression tiger spots set off the 2012 popular style

Solid wood furniture enters the era of consumer brand era, tiger spots set off 2012 popular style

Mr. Zhang Yunjin, the director of the brand of Persen Furniture, told the reporter: “With the continuous improvement of the living standards of the Chinese people, a considerable middle-class consumer group has been spawned, which has prompted more first-line brands to invest heavily in research and development of high-end solid wood furniture. From the perspective of the furniture of Bosen, Bosen Furniture also just seized this opportunity, starting from the style of modern solid wood furniture, and successively launched series such as LD pure solid wood, Wujinmu language, and impression tiger spots.

2012 Tiger Wood will lead the trend of solid wood furniture

In addition, from the perspective of the entire solid wood furniture market, the solid wood furniture market in 2012 may be the wind of tabby wood furniture. Impression of the furniture of Persson? For example, the tiger wood modern solid wood furniture is made of African tiger wood. Its lines are simple and smooth, fully expressing the texture and natural texture of solid wood. The design concept is mainly concise, atmospheric, calm and round, and its main material The selection of materials for auxiliary materials is exquisite, and most of the furniture models are too large; designers also pay more attention to the actual use of consumers when designing. They are also very picky about the main materials, hardware and crafts. They are mainly suitable for some front lines. High-end furniture brand. Impression tiger? Since the launch of the spot series, it has been enthusiastically sought after by consumers. Many manufacturers have also followed suit and set off the popular style of tiger spot wood in the market.

Tabby wood panel

Tabby wood panel

Interpretation of tiger spot wood

Chinese name: Tiger spotted, tiger genus hardwood raw material large tree, high 15-29m, diameter 1.0m, distributed in tropical Africa; main spot of tiger spot wood in Gabon, Cameroon, Congo, Equatorial Guinea. The brighter and brighter the longer the life, the brighter the scent, the scent of rosin, and the smell of it. The tiger heartwood is golden brown with black pinstripes, and the texture is interlaced with beautiful lines and smooth rhythm. It is a mysterious password of nature, so it is called "the tiger in the army, the tiger in the tree".

The structure of the tabby wood is fine and uniform, and the bast fiber is developed. The black gum in the hole of the plate surface forms a small black spot of sesame. The weight and strength are moderate and the shrinkage is small. Easy to process, good adhesion, good nail holding performance and strong corrosion resistance. Applicable to high-end furniture, decorative veneers, flooring, turning products, sports materials, etc. Because the tiger spot wood is mostly used by the aristocratic class, it is known as the “African nobility” in Africa. Domestic tiger wood is mainly imported in bulk from Gabon, Congo and Cameroon Equatorial Guinea.

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