In the beginning of the year, welcome the good fortune to the first ten to avoid evil and increase the ten home magic weapons

Guide: The Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit is coming. Everyone is ready to go through the New Year, and they all look forward to the Year of the Rabbit. In fact, during the entire Spring Festival, it is a good time for people to change their transportation and increase transportation. Whether it is career transportation, wealth transportation, health transportation, peach blossom transportation, etc., they can pass the conditioning during the Spring Festival to make their own good luck. Today, let's talk about the ten laws that you can do during the Spring Festival from the first to the tenth.

1. For the family to hit good luck

Time: New Year's Day, the second day of the year

Method: Go to the south. If you see a festive team, or someone with red clothes, immediately put your hands together, and silently read the auspicious words to your family and loved ones, then they will bless you! This is the first recommendation for Feng Shui experts. usage instructions.

2, get rid of the bad luck

Time: New Year's Day, the third day

Method: If you are in bad luck or unlucky in 2010, you can prepare a blank sheet of paper and write about the unsatisfactory things in 2011. On the other hand, you can write at least one of the thousands of disasters, good luck and good luck. At least Read it three times: "Six 壬! Six 壬! Quickly show the spirit, go to my bad luck." Feng Shui experts especially reminded: With the Yangtze River as the boundary, friends in the south rushed to the northeast or the east with boiling water, and friends from the north rushed to the southeast or the south. Can get rid of the bad luck, good things come. Note: Burn the paper strips with boiling water and pour them out in the direction indicated. This law has been adopted by many overseas Chinese. Next

Corrugated Paper Box common compoents:

                  1.Clay coated news back(CCNB),210g - 450g

                  2.Corrugated paper : A,C,B,E,F

Corrugated Paper Box traits:

             Light weights,good buffer,saves the resources,the surface cardboard layer and the internal corrugated paper can use the different quality paper, the heat insulation is good,reduces the cost,the corrugated carton packaging inside the product quantity mainly by the carton maximum allowable weight divided by the product unit weight to calculate the determination.

Corrugated paper box usage:

            Mainly apply to products outer packaging and mailer box.


Corrugated Paper Box

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