Inexhaustible dog ppt (Compulsory 2 for Guangdong Education Edition) courseware

The Endless Dog Courseware (Compulsory 2 in Guangdong Education Edition) 1. As we grow up, we must get rid of the vulgar things and nourish ourselves with traditional culture. There is a saying called Rou Ri reading history, just reading the Bible. It means to read Shi Yimingzhi when the will is slack: strategist and counselor, in the three-inch tongue of home country; Jin Ge iron horse, in the tears of Jiangshan Wanli. Reading history books can raise the righteousness. It also refers to reading the scriptures during the arrogant and violent period to cultivate self-cultivation: the way of Lao Zhuang, quietness and inaction are non-empty; Reading scriptures can shape the virtue of quietness and frugality. The vast sea of ​​books in our country contains endless treasures, which are the real nutrients for our growth.

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