Ink fineness test method

1, the principle of inspection

After the ink was diluted according to the test method, the degree of fineness of the particles and the state of dispersion were measured by a scraper fineness meter, and the ink fineness was expressed in micrometers.

2, tools and materials

(1) Set of 10-50μm screed spectrometer (2.5μm per scale).

(2) One 0.1mm ink suction tube.

(3) One type of acid burette (volume 25 mL).

(4) ink transfer knife.

(5) Magnifier (5-20 times)

(6) Oil No. 6 [viscosity (25°C) 140-160 mPa·s].

(7) A piece of glass.

3, inspection methods

(1) A 0.5 mL test ink was weighed in a 0.1 mL pipette.

(2) Diluted by the size of fluidity plus No. 6 oil. Range: fluidity below 18mm plus 18 drops (or 0.3mL per drop of 0.02mL); 25-35mm plus 14 drops (or 0.28mL); 36-45mm plus 10 drops (or 0.20mL); no more than 46mm oil .

(3) Pick up the diluted and uniform ink with a dipstick and place it at a depth of 50μm in the groove of the squeegee. Place the squeegee vertically on the ink at the groove of the fineness meter. The squeegee is kept vertical and the hands are even. Gradually pull from the top down to the zero point to stop, so that the ink fills the groove of the scraper gauge.

(4) Immediately after the scraping, the surface of the Schizoe meter is obliquely angled at 30° to the light source, and the particle-dense value is examined with a 5-10x magnifying glass. (In the range of more than 15 particles in one scale, calculate the scale value, and no more than 15 particles calculate the scale value).

4, matters needing attention

(1) When the ink is diluted, it must be adjusted. It cannot be grinded to prevent dust from flying.

(2) When the hands are traversing the squeegee, the force should not be excessive, and do not make one side to be heavier. The ink on both sides of the fineness plate groove must be scraped.

(3) The ink fineness test needs to be repeated 2-3 times, and the average value is taken. If the difference is one scale, it should be tested again.

(4) The ink absorber and fineness meter must be cleaned with a soft cloth or cotton yarn and greased to prevent corrosion.

(5) This method is only applicable to non-solvent paste inks.

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