Ionomer type permanent antistatic agent

DuPont (DuPont) Co., Ltd. introduced the ionomer type antistatic agent EntiraAS for the first time. This product not only has good antistatic property, but also gives the material good moisture permeability and high frequency welding property. The application field is health and beauty products. Plastic packaging for beverages, electronics, and hygiene products. EntiraAS does not contain the easy-to-smoke component like glycerin, so it is suitable for a variety of processing processes such as blow molding, injection molding and hollow molding. Different from the surfactant antistatic agent, EntireAS makes the material have a permanent antistatic property, the product surface is not blooming, and the processability is good. When the adding amount is 10% to 20%, it is well mixed with the polyolefin, and can be combined with a variety of Base resin dry blended.

After 15% of the InsertionAS was added to the HDPE/LDPE or HDPE/PP double-layer bottle raw materials, the surface of the bottle was not electrostatically generated due to friction, and the surface resistivity decreased to 1010 to 1014 Ω. (Tang Weijia)

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Dynamic Rope: Mountaineering climbing, Rock Climbing, Sports which falling coefficient

Static Rope: Caving, Rescue, Industry lifting, High place work, and high altitude downhill

Kevlar Rope: Flame Retardant Rope, Fire Escape Rope, High temperature resistant cable

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