Is the quality of the magnolia wallpaper good?

There are many kinds of materials for wall decoration in the building materials market. Wallpapers are characterized by various colors, rich patterns, luxurious style, safety and environmental protection, convenient construction, affordable prices, and many other interior decoration materials. Popular in the market. Now follow the editor to enjoy the decoration effect of the magnolia wallpaper.

1. How about the quality of magnolia wallpaper

Guangdong Magnolia Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 1984. Now it has developed into a large-scale comprehensive modern enterprise mainly engaged in wallpaper and wall coverings and involved in the field of soft decoration. The company has successively established the Guangdong Wallpaper Engineering Technology Research and Development Center and the Guangdong Enterprise Technology Center, and established the first soft decoration art creative institute in China in cooperation with the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Vice President Unit of China Interior Decoration Association.

The company has the world's leading full set of imported wallpaper production equipment, which can produce a variety of products from 53cm to 138cm. While providing standardized products for the majority of home users and tooling users, it can also customize products according to the individual needs of customers.

Second, the magnolia wallpaper decoration renderings

1. Rose Love

With the theme of "Love of Roses", the designer creates a rustic style that returns to the original. The wallpaper incorporates a variety of charming flowers to create a quiet and casual lifestyle, show a full sense of freshness, and have a personal petty bourgeoisie.

2. Geometry Life

Points, lines, areas, bodies, and different geometric shapes help people effectively portray the intricate world. When rhombuses, rectangles, triangles, circles, etc. are rendered in different colors, stitched or overlapped together to become the surface of the wall, it can always become an extremely eye-catching part of the line of sight. Increase the three-dimensional sense and reveal various strong emotions. And those who pursue individuality are always rushing to such wallpapers.

3. The Pastel Family

In the pastel family, a series of painting flower patterns are integrated into the process of printing and accumulating ink to create a softer and more modern effect. The designer creates elegant and fashionable, romantic and slightly retro atmosphere through elegant floral patterns.

4. Modern fashion

To simplify the geometry, the pursuit of changes in detail. The designer forms geometric patterns through the difference between the levels in the three-dimensional space and the surface. The glittering sparkle effect here is quiet and gorgeous, combined with the simple and stylish geometric patterns to cater to the trend of low-key luxury style.

5. Elysee

"Elysee" is a European-style home improvement version; it combines elegance, exquisiteness, comfort and luxury. The style design reveals a strong sense of luxury. The gentle, neutral and comfortable colors are the highlights, and the embellished metallic color is the key to the finishing touch.

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