Leather furniture purchase and maintenance methods

【Abstract】The aesthetics formed a gap in the comparison, which made us unable to conceal the attachment to luxury. The gorgeous texture of leather furniture allows dreams and aesthetic preferences to cross the barriers of the class and penetrate into the lives of a wider group of people. So how to buy leather furniture, how to maintain it?晏绮Software http://yq.cnjiaju.com/Share.

1 leather: pig skin, horse skin, suede, cowhide can be made into sofa fabric, collectively called leather sofa. The cowhide leather is soft, thick and of the highest grade. Horse skin and mink skin are similar, but the surface cortex is slack, and it is easy to peel off and not durable. Pig skin is thin, but the pores are rough.
2 wooden frame: a set of good sofas, the wooden frame must be nailed into a frame with square wood, and the side is fixed with a plate. This structure can ensure that the sofa is not deformed. The inferior sofa is directly nailed with pine plywood, without square wood. The frame is low in firmness.
3 Sponge: Sponge is divided into three types: high-elastic and high-elastic super-soft and medium-elastic sponge. The medium-splitting sponge is generally used as a part of the backrest and the armrest, and the high-elastic and high-elastic super soft sponge is used as a seat part. At present, the high-end sofas are made of yellow cattle leather with a high-elastic sponge. Some unscrupulous manufacturers use bullets to pretend to be high-elastic, and even use smashed sponges. Such sofas can only lose flexibility when used for up to six months. When buying leather sofas, you must shop around to ensure the quality of the products.
How to maintain leather furniture?
The most feared thing about leather furniture is that it is stained or scratched. Do not use water directly when cleaning. Use a dry cloth with a special leather cleaner to gently wipe it. For homes with pets or children, be especially careful with kittens, puppy paws or small children scratching the furniture surface with sharp objects.
Leather furniture should be cleaned regularly, but do not use water directly. The most important thing for the maintenance of leather sofas is the breathing of the leather. Therefore, it should be cleaned regularly to keep the pores on the surface of the leather from being blocked by dust. When scrubbing, it can be wet with cotton or silk. After gently wiping, after wiping, you can also use Bi Lizhu or glazing wax to spray again to keep it clean. If you accidentally contaminate the oil stains, use a cotton cloth, a towel, a moderate amount of neutral soapy water, and then dry with a dry cotton cloth. Do not scrub directly with water. After cleaning, the leather sofa can be sprayed with a special leather cleaner, and repeatedly rubbed with silk to prevent cortical aging.
Also, avoid direct sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight in the vicinity of leather furniture, and do not directly contact high-temperature heat-resistant sources, otherwise it will lead to aging and deterioration of the cortex.

Spider Fitting

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1. Material: SUS304, SUS316

2. Finish: Mirror / Matt

3. Suitable for glass thickness: 12-25MM

4. Application: glass curtain wall

5. Must be tempered glass

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