Low temperature constant temperature reaction bath cleaning method


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Shanghai Xinzhuang teaches you how to deal with the common problems of cryostats. See below for details:

1. After the water cycle has been used for more than a year, the cooling rate seems to be getting slower and slower, and the more obvious the problem is when the temperature is higher.

Water recycling is simple, but regular maintenance work cannot be ignored. There are a lot of seemingly faulty problems that are caused by not doing regular maintenance. The electric power of the water cycle itself and the heat taken away by the refrigerant from the load need to be removed from the radiator at the front hood. If the front hood is filled with dust and cotton wool, it will hinder the heat dissipation, and the cooling effect will be Great discount. Generally, the decrease in cooling capacity under normal use conditions is caused by poor ventilation or high ambient temperature.

2. After using the water cycle for a few months, the noise was found to be much larger than before. What caused this?

As mentioned earlier, the daily maintenance of the water cycle is also related to this issue. Everyone knows that there is a small amount of impurities in the water, that is, after the distilled water is added to the water tank, it is impossible to completely guarantee that there is no impurity at all. For the water cycle, the general temperature is set at 20 ° C, which is especially suitable for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. After a long time, these microorganisms will block the filter of the waterway, causing poor water return and the pump will have a large noise. Sometimes these microorganisms are attached to the surface of the heat exchanger, causing the heat transfer effect of the heat exchanger to be deteriorated and the cooling capacity to be small. Therefore, we must do the routine maintenance work in strict accordance with the requirements in the manual, regularly clean the inner tank, and stop it for a long time to keep the tank dry. There seems to be water leakage in the water cycle. Sometimes there are a few drops on the ground. Is there a leak in the waterway? Generally speaking, during normal use, the waterway will not leak. When the relative humidity in the high ambient air is too large, the water pump, the water pipe joint, and the external water pipe in the water circuit of the water circulation are likely to condense dew. After accumulating more, it will drip onto the ground, and there is no need to worry that there is water in the waterway. The place where the water leaks. If you care about this, turn on the air conditioner to lower the room temperature or dehumidify to avoid dew.

The condenser of the low temperature constant temperature reaction bath is dirty: it is the place where the low temperature constant temperature tank can absorb the air after running. There are a lot of heat-dissipating aluminum foil sheets. See if the above is dirty. If it is dirty, clean it and blow it with nitrogen gas;

Is it too close to the wall, if it is moved a little farther, because the ventilation space is not enough, the air can not flow normally, and the temperature cannot be cooled;

Is the medium low in concentration: after the medium is used for a period of time, the condensed water in the air will reach the medium, thicken at low temperature, the cold amount will not pass, and the temperature will not fall down. If the medium is thick at low temperature, It does not flow properly, or it needs to change media when it freezes.

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