Maintenance of water bath pot Shanghai Sujing


1. When using the water bath, it must be grounded reliably and the water should not overflow into the control box.

2. Do not water or the water level in the water bath is lower than the electric heating tube to prevent the electric heating tube from being damaged.

3. Perform maintenance inspection of the instrument once a month and fill in the maintenance record in time.


1. After each use, clean the instrument, hang the logo, and fill in the usage record in time.

2. After each use, put the water in the water bath clean, brush off the coarse materials in the water bath with a brush, and remove the pot. Wipe the inner and outer surfaces of the water bath with a soft cloth and dry with a cleaning cloth.

3. Evaluation of effect: The inner surface of the device should be free of water, and the outer surface of the device should be bright and tidy without smudging.

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