Maotai bottles are no longer sought after by the recycling market

All along, in the bottle recycling market, Maotai bottles are the most sought after recycling bottles. Some bottle recycling prices up to a few thousand dollars, of course, this is inseparable from the black industry chain behind Maotai liquor fraud. A large number of Maotai bottles were recovered by recyclers and were sold at a high price to the criminals. For filling fake wine sales. However, everything has changed now. With the ban on the implementation of public spending on Maotai liquor, sales and prices of Maotai liquor began to decline. This has also led lawbreakers to shift the target of counterfeit Maotai to other types of liquor, Maotai. Bottle recycling prices began to fall.

According to the understanding from the waste recycling station, apart from having a certain market for Maotai bottles in the year, various ordinary Maotai bottles have fallen to a few dollars, which is the same as ordinary bottles. At the same time, the recycling team also began to disappear.

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