MC Automatic Packaging Machinery

MC Auto Machinery from Italy is a packaging machine, horizontal feeder, material selection and distribution system for solid chocolate, filled chocolate, nougat, fudge, lump sugar, and wafer. The speed of the packaging machine can reach 1000 pieces per minute.

MC2 type machine is a universal packaging machine that can carry out various types of packaging at the same time, such as "envelope type", "briefcase type", "top-screw type", "two-end twist type", "one-end twist type", "Fancy packaging" and "bundled packaging."

If you want to produce accessories for decoration of Christmas trees with ropes, affixable ornaments, paper cups, or processing cardboard into different shapes, the company's leaf machines can serve you.

In addition, there are machines for spherical, egg-shaped and hollow product packaging for your selection.

Source: International Food Processing and Packaging

Bubble Mailer

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