Mousse Bedding Shengyan: Third Generation Sleep System

Mr. Sheng Yan, General Manager of Mousse Bedding Operations

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[Reporter] Please tell us about the characteristics of the third generation system.

[Shengyan] Mousse's third-generation system is the result of technologicalization, and personalized tailoring. Including the air mattress we have just launched; including the skeleton we designed according to the human body T area are the characteristics of the third generation system.

I just told you about the row skeleton in the third generation system. It can be electrically intelligent. The human body lies on this row of skeletons. It can make your whole body sleep on the skeleton according to the body's body curve and spine. A state of zero pressure relaxation can support this part of your spine very well.

[Reporter] What are the characteristics of the material of the third generation system?

[Sheng Yan] For example, like our current gel pillow, gel mattress, we have a gel mattress, and also designed a gel pillow, it is a constant temperature product, which is 1.5 times lower than the human body temperature. So after you lie down, you can dissipate the amount of sweat in your body in time. Generally, we will use more gels in beauty and medicine.

[Reporter] What materials and technologies are used in the row of skeletons?

[Sheng Yan] row skeleton, like our most advanced skeleton, it may be the only one in China that is exclusively represented by DOC. This row of skeletons will be measured according to our machine. The data on the side, adjust a support iron of the row skeleton, and then send it to the consumer's home.

[Reporter] Is this row of skeletons more suitable for single beds, because the structure of each person's body is definitely different.

[Shengyan] So our skeletons are all separated, because the weight between husband and wife is not the same, the demand is not the same as the requirements, the body curve, including the spine, including the body shape, you say the most important part of our woman In the waist and hip, the most important part of the man may be on the shoulder, so when the data is adjusted, you will find that the shape of the two skeletons is completely different.

[Reporter] What expectations do you have for our third-generation system?

[Sheng Yan] In fact, our third-generation system has already begun to flow in the market, and the effect of the test is actually quite good. Our third-generation system of consumers still holds high expectations. Especially some of our old customers. I also came over and looked very good, because they also lie down and experience and feel. I feel that the third-generation system has given them themselves, including the ones they say to their parents.

[Reporter] Ok, thank you for accepting my interview.

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