New furniture environmental testing methods will be introduced to environmentally friendly furniture can be safely purchased

A few days ago, the reporter learned from Zhu Changling, the vice chairman of the China Furniture Association , that a new method of environmental protection testing for furniture that is more scientific, more rigorous and has more testing content is being formulated, and is expected to be enforced nationwide by the end of this year.

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Furniture with relevant environmental certificates will cause the odor inside the house to continue, and even the indoor air quality will not meet the standard; through the proportional sampling and testing of the furniture, the environmental protection coefficient of the whole product may not meet the standard; if the problem is found, it is sent for inspection, and the destructive detection method is It is a difficult way to cross. For many years, consumers have been passive in the identification of furniture environmental protection.

“Environmental furniture” is not environmentally friendly.

Not long ago, there was a complaint about the non-environmental protection of furniture: Mr. Guo tested in the empty room, the indoor air quality test reached the standard; and after the furniture was inspected, the indoor air quality test did not meet the standard. The furniture dealer said that all the furniture of its brand are up to standard products. If Mr. Guo thinks that the furniture is not up to standard, the furniture can be sent to the relevant departments for testing, and in accordance with the current GB18584-2001 indoor decoration and decoration materials, the limit of harmful substances in wooden furniture, GB Perform destructive testing. If it does not meet the standard, the dealer is willing to bear the corresponding responsibility, and vice versa. This statement makes Mr. Guo very entangled.

According to the expert's explanation, the home he purchased may indeed meet the national standard – this test is a proportional sampling test, but due to the excessive use of wood, the superposition of harmful substances causes the indoor air quality to fail. Therefore, destroying furniture for environmental testing, its test results are not necessarily beneficial to him, Mr. Guo has to bear the risk that the furniture is destroyed but no compensation is available.

Furniture is more environmentally friendly and consumers are more active

According to Zhu Changling, the revised new furniture testing standards will demonstrate its advantages in three aspects. Nanjing environmental experts also believe that the improved new testing method is good for consumers.

Good one: the overall test, the results are more reliable

Zhang Yongbing, an engineer from Jiangsu Physical and Chemical Testing Center and Nanjing Yipu Environmental Service Co., Ltd., said in an interview with the author that although the current domestic furniture inspection methods and standards are already very strict, there are still some problems in practical operation. The furniture testing method formulated by the state is “proportional sampling test method”, that is, the block sample is cut out from various parts of the furniture for environmental protection, and the number of plates taken by furniture of different sizes and structures is also different. However, because the finished furniture involves many links such as materials and processes, the sampling and testing part is environmentally friendly, and does not mean that the whole piece of furniture is environmentally friendly.

The revised new testing standard requires the overall detection of the climate chamber. “The data obtained from the 'climate box inspection' in the room with constant temperature and humidity can more accurately reflect the overall actual release of the toxic and hazardous substances sent to the inspector. This method will help consumers to control more scientifically and rigorously. The environmental protection factor of furniture."

Good two: non-destructive testing, low detection risk

The destructive testing of furniture has made many consumers who want to defend their rights retreat. The reason why Mr. Guo failed to take this crucial step was also to fear that he would lose his wife and lose his troops.

The new climate box detection method makes up for the loopholes in the current detection method. Pan Dong, head of the Jiangsu Coret Indoor Testing Center, said that this new climate chamber test is indeed much more advanced than the current method. “The whole piece of furniture is placed in a specific environment for testing. The furniture itself does not have any degree of damage. This is a good thing for the consumer. If the test result is not satisfactory, you can ask the merchant for compensation, if the test result To achieve the standard, it is worth spending some testing fees, it is worthwhile, all when you buy a reassurance!"

Good three: environmentally friendly furniture, better known

Sofas, dining tables, wardrobes... Today's furniture is no longer a single piece of wood. Many pieces of furniture use glass, metal or even sponge fillers. The current testing method can only objectively reflect the overall environmental status of the furniture because it is only for the wooden part.

“Climate chamber inspection can include all parts of furniture in the detection range to detect the overall environmental protection. At the same time, it can also determine the release amount of harmful substances such as furniture VOC while detecting formaldehyde, and the test results are more comprehensive and reliable.” Zhang Yongbing It is pointed out that the environmental protection of furniture brought to market through new testing methods will definitely take a new step.

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