New standard home: 2013 new product exhibition - ecological door articles

After the new standard cabinet style, many consumers have a strong interest in the new standard, and urgently need to know more about the new standard, especially the new product trends in 2013. To this end, Xiaobian specially prepared a new series of eco-door series for everyone to solve.

As one of the top ten ecological door brands, the new standard ecological door is naturally incomparable. These three models are new standard glass eco doors, which can be used in damp spaces such as bathrooms. The simple and generous panels add a little fun to life.


Point rhyme - 2013 new standard new product

The glare of the glass reveals a little starlight, the stars in the room shine and shine, and you can enjoy the warm and romantic deep starry sky without leaving your home. What a pleasant thing, in the spy, do you think of the starry night of the art madman Van Gogh? The vast universe, the rotating stars, in fact, your world is mysterious.


Yu Changhong - 2013 new standard new product

Small wave-like panel, full of texture, combination of virtual and real patterns, simple and romantic, pure black Emperor Dragon's waistline is more noble and generous, champagne brushed door frame exudes Yingying metal light, will reflect the room shine . It is like a Cinderella wearing crystal shoes, dazzling.


Jade vertical pattern - 2013 new standard new product

There is no magnificent scenery, no ups and downs, no trepidation, only the plainness of the past, life is just like this, in the same life, you need to ignite the passion of fire, read a bustling, savoury taste in the ordinary Clean, jade, fine and random lines, just like the various episodes in life, revealing surprises.

Secret ecological door

Everyone may not be very familiar with the ecological door, we can understand from its structure. According to the person in charge of the new standard home ecological door, the ecological door structure consists of the door cover, the door edge and the door core. The new standard ecological door cover and door edge are made of high-tech aluminum-magnesium-titanium alloy material, and the surface is anodized. Very strong hardness, which has superior performance in terms of wear resistance, pressure resistance, deformation resistance and fade resistance. The door core structure inside the eco door is now made of aluminum honeycomb, which is a material used in the manufacture of aircraft wings and spacecraft, with good sound insulation.


New standard ecological door sectional view

The outer layer can choose different panels according to consumers' personal preferences. Of course, as a representative of fashion, the new standard eco door panel is also fashionable and changeable. There are wood grain three ammonia board, leather soft bag and colorful fireproof. Board... As long as you like it, you can have a double-faced mood, a style outside the door, and another style in the door.

Eco-gate is a healthy, green product made from recycled materials that not only reduces the harm of the product to the human body, but also reduces human damage to the environment. Add ecological doors to yourself and your family, and bring the healthiest and caring love to home.

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