PET/nylon blend resin for single-layer PET beer bottles

INVISTA recently introduced Poly2shield, a PET/nylon blend resin that can be used to produce single-layer preforms on a standard injection molding machine. Beer manufacturers using this single-layer PET bottle can boldly pasteurize for 30 minutes at 65 °C, just like traditional glass bottles. And do not have to worry about the safety and cost of transportation, in addition to increase the choice of bottle type and capacity.

According to the company, the resin is in full compliance with the EU's general and special standards for food safety guidelines. From a technical point of view, this resin's oxygen absorption and gas barrier properties meet the demand for beer packaging. The 500-liter beer bottle made from it can provide a 120-day retention period and can achieve a total oxygen intake for one year. Less than 1PPM, 4 months CO2 loss less than 15%

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