Pilates training target population


After years of development and evolution, now there are different kinds of Pilates method, Pilates has become collectively a training system, which includes a reference to the practice of the principles of Joseph Pilates and extended • various physical exercises. Some will focus on physical training, and some will improve the action for special people, such as patients who need rehabilitation training, dancers, athletes, golf practitioners, etc., the improved exercises will often incorporate some specific skills, in order to achieve a Special training goals. During many years of development, the following populations have been shown to regularly practice Pilates to improve their physical condition or to help achieve the training goals of this group:

1.     Office worker

Working for a long time or working in front of a computer is often a type of person with sore neck and neck, back pain, and abdomen relaxation. Pilates training just requires the shoulder and neck to relax, while tightening the deep muscles of the waist and abdomen, thus balancing the muscles. Tension and recruiting deep muscles to strengthen the spine ;

2.     Medical rehabilitation and prevention:

Long-term unbalanced muscle pressure distribution can lead to various chronic conditions, such as chronic cervical spondylosis, lower back pain, etc. Regular Pilates training can not only help people with back pain, neck pain or muscle strain to relieve pain, but also Can prevent injuries and correct posture ;

3.     Slimming and slimming, physical training:

Regular Pilates exercises are a lot of people's slimming magic weapon, which makes the muscles more powerful but not slender and tangible, especially for the waist and abdomen, the shaping of the hip line is more effective. • Hollywood stars Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts •, Hong Kong stars Daniel Wu, Elva, who has always insisted Pilates exercise to maintain a remarkable body line;


4.     Postpartum recovery:

Emphasizing the core training Pilates helps to tighten the postpartum relaxation area, which is one of the most recognized training methods for postpartum recovery. American singer Madonna, former British Prime Minister's wife Sarah Pilates for post-natal recovery Practice and received an amazing slimming effect ;

5.     Dance professionals:

The flexible and powerful body, the slender muscles, the solid core but the flexibility and control, the creation of a well-behaved body is the common meeting point of dance and Pilates, and almost all the top dance teams in the world are open. Pilates training room as their daily body training ;

6.     Professional athletes:

It is an indisputable fact that it has a stable and strong core to improve the performance of physical exercise. Core training is one of the most popular topics in the field of competitive sports. More and more high-level professional athletes such as golf, tennis, diving, and football use Pilates as a tool for assisting training. Like our well-known golf legends Tiger Woods, basketball superstars Mike Jordan, Kidd, etc. have always insisted on the regular training of Pilates.

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