Plastic bottle recycling creates extraordinary wealth

Textiles and the collection of plastic bottles seem to be very different industries on the surface, but a textile businessman in Singapore has made recycled plastics a big business.

Singapore’s general trade and exporters recently explained that he was assisting his father’s descendant and his wife’s Zhang Keqin’s Singapore Qiangqiang Garment Factory to export garments, while stumbled upon Chinese merchants’ recyclable plastics. Have requests.

It turns out that the spinning mill can use PET (polyester), a processed thermoplastic green plastic product, as the raw material of the fabric. As a result, Lu Yingquan and his wife began collecting PET plastics that other factories regard as industrial waste. They then bought small machines from Hong Kong to crush and sell the semi-finished products to the mills. "It is not enough to just collect the resale, so it has to be 'processed' before it is sold."

At that time, the plastic was free, "as long as you drive and carry it," so Lu Yingquan once had a plastic container filled with containers to earn a record of 10,000 yuan (S$).

Although there are thousands of plastics, and the composition and heat-resistant degree are different, he said that the buyers' plastic pallets are willing to impart relevant knowledge and experience to suppliers in order to provide suppliers with the recycled plastic they need. "We learn from Hong Kong buyers and European businessmen."

Lu Yingquan, who has frequently established an international network for the “import and export of the country” in the import and export business, sees that the plastic recycling business has grown bigger and bigger. This article is derived from China's largest plastic bottle trading website, Zhonghua Packaging Bottle Network. He is looking for a son in the iron and steel industry to help. He revealed that his son originally had a monthly income of more than 10,000 yuan. When he joined his company, he initially received only 2,000 yuan in salary. "But he is willing to do it and may feel that this line has a future."

In 1998, his son and his parents co-founded Jinya Company. The English name still comes from the shorthand of Keqiang Company, but it symbolizes an earth, which means its aspiration towards the world.

The company has expanded from a badminton court area to the current approximately 4 football fields, and the number of employees has increased from 15 to about 70. At present, the annual recycling volume of plastics is about 36,000 tons. With only 14 machines at a Singapore plant, it can process 2,000 tons of plastic waste per month. The company intends to double its output and is now ordering 6 to 8 new machines.

Reproduced, please indicate the source: Chinese bottle net

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