Pre-press and post-press anti-counterfeiting technology

The pre-press anti-counterfeiting design mainly refers to the three parts of structural design, modeling design and decorating design of packaging products. The three parts of the design content not only have certain independence but also have mutual integration and mutual coordination, through the perfect combination of the three. , To achieve anti-counterfeit packaging design / science, aesthetics, application, security, economic, promotional, environmental protection requirements.

For example, the packaging prints pass many fine, detailed patterns and geometric patterns to prevent counterfeiters from using the color copiers and electric extensions to scan for counterfeiting; the bottom paper is printed with a colorless ink or special ink similar to the base paper color. Long-distance sightlessness, near-view effects are very exquisite, regular intensive patterns or irregular texture patterns, to achieve a better anti-counterfeiting effect; can also use microtext, concealed place for the design of secret notes, such as some of the goods The text is indented to the naked eye and can be embedded in a small, faintly recognizable word, or a larger, more pronounced text stroke is removed to make a gap, which makes people mistakenly believe that it is a defect in printing; or add a little to the fine geometric pattern. The line point is also an excellent method for anti-counterfeiting design; the structure design adopts a novel type of lid opening and an anti-counterfeiting structure with a non-openable bottom. This type of box cannot be reused twice, so the anti-counterfeit effect is very good.

Post-press anti-counterfeiting processing is based on the practicality of packaging and anti-counterfeit requirements for the corresponding surface finishing processing, such as coating, glazing, die-cutting, indentation, embossing, etc. In the process of processing, as far as practicality is concerned, new finishing materials and special processes are used as far as possible.

For example, a novel type of cover opening and a security structure with no opening at the bottom of the box, the cover and the cover of the opening portion of the box cover are sealed together with a strong bond, and the bottom of the box is processed into an unopenable structure, and the box body There is a breakpoint indentation at the back (cut from the box body at the same time). Consumers only need to press the lid with their hands, and the thumb presses on the breakpoint to lift the lid. This box is impossible to open again. It is reused twice, so the anti-counterfeiting effect is very good.

This machine is designed to manufacture square bottom paper bags without handles from paper roll, and it is an ideal equipment for producing small-size paper bags fast. By implementing steps including paper feeding, tube forming, tube cutting and bottom forming inline, this machine can effectively save labor costs. The equipped photoelectric detector can correct cutting length, so as to ensure cutting precision. The equipped SIEMENS PLC system ensures that the machine can perform quickly and stably. This machine can process very thin paper, as well as produce paper bags very fast, thus this machine is especially suitable for being applied in food industries

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