Product anti-counterfeit packaging color icons inkjet printing technology

Patent Name Product Anti-counterfeit Packaging Color Icon Inkjet Printing Technology Patent Applicant Liaoning Normal University Principal Applicant Address 116029 Huanghe Road, Dalian, Liaoning Province Inventor Liu Xiaodan; Liu Jin; Yang Yan Application (Patent) No. 200510088391.8 Date of Application 2005.08.05 Issue date Approval Notice No. 1715141 Date of approval announcement 2006.01.04 Specification CD-ROM D0601-1 Main classification number B65B61/26 (2006.01) I Classification number B65B61/26 (2006.01) I; G06K1/12 (2006.01) I Division Original application No. 1 Abstract: The ink jet printing technology for color icons of commodity anti-counterfeiting packaging according to the present invention adopts a real-time non-printing ink jet printing and packaging production line. Using software support, a computer-controlled small-format color ink jet printer is used on commodity packaging. Direct printing of color icons and UV fluorescent codes that contain 3D image information and product identity codes are superimposed. 3D color image information is information containing 3D natural features of specific individuals. 2D color icons are hidden in 3D color images by a fast superposition algorithm. Three-dimensional graphics information and two-dimensional product identity coded digital glyphs Plus, the superimposed three-dimensional color image information is calculated and then through the three-dimensional blanking obtained after two-dimensional projective transformation. The advantage of the present invention is that the problem of copying and loosing of fixed-print icons is overcome by real-time printing without a plate, and the technical threshold is greatly improved by special inkjet devices and three-dimensional hidden information processing technologies with high technical content. Sovereign item 1, commodity anti-counterfeiting packaging color icons inkjet printing technology, using real-time non-printing inkjet printing and packaging production line, computer-controlled special small color inkjet printer directly prints color icons and UV fluorescent codes on the packaging of goods, It is characterized in that: with the support of software, the computer-controlled small-scale color ink-jet printer directly prints the two-dimensional color icons and the ultraviolet fluorescent codes superimposed on the product package with three-dimensional color image information and product identity coded digital fonts.

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