Rough eyebrow pops two styles to interpret new makeup

I don't have to write a little about what I have to say. People all over the world know that rough eyebrows have become an essential element of 2012 fashion styling!

There are two major characters in the rough eyebrows.

Rough eyebrow painting two big characters

In terms of Xiaobian, the rough eyebrows have two major characters. One is: interpret the tenderness of a sexy woman, and the other is the image of a strong woman with a tough personality.

The first pie, the thick brow, interprets the tenderness of a sexy woman.

Wang Yudan

The first party of thick eyebrows interprets the tenderness of sexy women

Just shot a group of British temperament cover for a magazine. The thick and thick eyebrows interpret the feminine taste, affinity, well-behaved and rebellious! Zhang Yang is not an alternative.