Screen coding encryption for information security on paper

The invention overcomes the world's problems of information storage, hiding, encryption, anti-counterfeiting, copy prevention, falsification prevention, and control/copying of information on paper media. It has broad market application prospects and can form a series of media for paper. The high-tech industrial chain and industrial clusters in information security will have an important impact on social, political, economic, and cultural life.

"Net-screen coding information security theory and technology" is a high technology used in paper media. The biggest feature is to ensure the safety of the information on the paper. At the same time, it has a superb ability to store hidden information. In addition, its anti-attack ability is also impressive. Even if the paper is contaminated and damaged, its information can still be fully identified.

Recently, when the author interviewed a company in Tianjin, he saw an amazing scene: A seemingly ordinary A4 paper can hide more than 100KB of data (equivalent to more than 50,000 Chinese characters) and is used by paper workers. When only half of the tears are left, it is still possible to completely identify all the information... Is there really any special "magic" for paper with "magic" power? When the reporter was surprised, he learned with the psychology of inquiry and learned that the reason why these papers have amazing "magic" is because they used a technology called "web-based information security." This is a invention invented by Tianjin Apollo Information Technology Co., Ltd., which has completely independent intellectual property rights and has mastered all core technologies. It is currently at the leading level in the world. It has captured a large amount of information stored and hidden on paper media. Encryption, anti-counterfeit, anti-copying, tamper-proof, and control of the world of information security issues of cracking/copying have broad application prospects in the market, and can form a series of high-tech industrial chains and industrial clusters for paper media information security, and will Political, economic, and cultural life have an important influence.

According to reports, the “Coded Information Security Theory and Technology of Internet Screening” is led by a group of returnees from the city, the founder of Apollo, and Mr. Gu Zecang, a part-time professor of Nankai University. The city’s batch of people are patriotic, dedicated, and determined to promote national innovation. The outstanding scientific and technological personnel who develop the independent innovation industry have been immersed in hard work for ten years. The current core technology and theory have matured. "Screen-coding information security theory and technology" is a comprehensive information security technology integrating theory and technology such as printing, pattern recognition, digital coding, automatic error correction, and digital graphics image processing. This technology is a result project and a world invention in which the Chinese have completely independent intellectual property rights and master all core technologies, and is at the leading level in the world.

According to Mr. Gu Zecang, “The theory and technology of screen-encoded information security” is a high technology that is applied to paper media. Its most important feature is to ensure the security of information on paper. It has a high degree of confidentiality. Based on digital encryption, it also adds screen encryption that is not currently available in the world, making counterfeiters unable to crack counterfeit. At the same time, it has a superb ability to store hidden information. Using a high-precision printer, an A4 paper can hide and store up to 1M of data information. The format of information stored on paper is no longer limited. Music, sound, photos, and documents in any format such as word, excel, etc. can be stored to achieve true digital paper. In addition, color images can be embedded on paper media, and their image quality will not be affected. Its superior anti-attack ability is even more impressive. Even if the paper is contaminated and damaged, its information can still be fully identified. The 100% high stability identification accuracy cannot be achieved by other existing technologies. The superiority of the "net-coded information security theory and technology" has made it possible to apply for a number of domestic invention patents and Japanese invention patents.

It is reported that using this theory and technology can produce a series of high-tech products for the information security of paper media, promote the original products, industrial upgrading and development. First, it can be used for various currencies, securities, financial instruments, financial invoices, customs clearance documents, and various certificates, certificates, licenses, and trade marks. Ordinary ink can be used for paper printing, but after this kind of technical processing The paper, the printed pattern can not be copied directly by the copier, the copy results and the physical are significantly different, effectively prevent counterfeiting and tampering, and low cost. When various certificates are issued, the background of the screen is printed on the certificate letter. Once the letter is photocopied, the copy will appear with the words “This certificate is invalid” or “This certificate is a copy” and “This certificate is illegally copied”. Timely maintenance of the rights, reputation and benefits of the issuing unit.

Followed by the production of security printers, copiers or one machine. This upgraded copy/copy machine can recognize the authenticity of the copied document and prevent the contents of the encrypted file from leaking. It can also be used in confidential documents within the office and in closed security systems. It can also be applied to ticketing systems and electronic receipts. After online screen encryption, online ticketing and mobile phone ticketing are made possible, which can perfectly solve the problem of encryption, uniqueness, correct identification, and security of receipts. In addition to using its high security, it can also be used for printing publications, embedding visual content in the background or text, transforming the visual content into a document by scanning and decoding it into a computer, making existing newspapers Journals and other printed materials have become paper digital newspapers and periodicals. The conversion of paper information into electronic documents has become very quick and convenient. At the same time, sounds, music, etc. can be buried in prints, greatly increasing the functionality and interest of printed materials and hardly increasing printing. cost. In addition, in the national informatization project construction, by introducing this technology, the internal network can also achieve physical isolation from the public network, and the security effect is similar to that of a private network, but the cost is more economical.

At present, the use of this technology has been developed and applied three major categories of products: anti-counterfeit certificate automatic generation and identification system, security function of the copier / copier, integrated machine and security / copy machine core security function chip. Among them, the automatic generation and identification system of anti-counterfeit certificates includes anti-counterfeiting certificate paper, information embedding software, and information identification software. The security/copier will also plan to produce three models to meet the needs of the market.

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