Selection guide of carbon dioxide incubator currently on the market

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The carbon dioxide incubator is widely used in the research and production of medicine, immunology, genetics, microbiology, agricultural science, and pharmacology. It has become one of the most commonly used conventional instruments in the above-mentioned laboratories. It is formed by simulating in the incubator body. A growth environment similar to cells / tissues in organisms such as constant pH (pH value: 7.2-7.4), stable temperature (37 ° C), high relative humidity (95%), stable CO2 level (5% ), A device for in vitro culture of cells / tissues.

Users around the world have two basic requirements for carbon dioxide incubators. One is that carbon dioxide incubators can provide the most accurate and stable control of temperature, carbon dioxide concentration and humidity, so as to facilitate the progress of their research work; second, require carbon dioxide The incubator can effectively prevent microbial contamination in the incubator, and can eliminate pollution regularly to protect research results and prevent sample loss. Therefore, the most important thing for teachers who buy carbon dioxide incubators is their high reliability, prevention and control of pollution, and ease of use.

Temperature control 1. Heating method: air-jacket heating and water-jacket heating, both heating systems are accurate and reliable, and they have their own advantages and disadvantages. Water jacket heating is to maintain a constant temperature by surrounding the inner box with an independent water jacket layer. Its advantages: water is a good thermal insulation substance. When a power failure occurs, the water jacket system can Maintain the temperature accuracy and stability in the incubator for a relatively long time (the time to maintain the temperature constant is 3-4 times that of the gas-jacketed system), which is conducive to the unstable experimental environment (such as the limitation of useful electricity or frequent power failure ) And users who need to maintain long-term stable cultivation conditions. Air-jacket heating directly heats the inner box through heaters located in the gas jacket layer of the box, also known as six-sided direct heating. Compared with the water jacket type, the air jacket type has the characteristics of faster heating and faster temperature recovery than the water jacket type incubator, which is particularly beneficial for short-term cultivation and cultivation that requires frequent opening and closing of the door. In addition, for the user, the air jacket design is simpler than the water jacket type (the water jacket type needs to add water, empty and clean the water tank, and constantly monitor the operation of the water tank). 2. Temperature control system: Maintaining a constant temperature in the incubator is an important factor for maintaining healthy growth of cells, so an accurate and reliable temperature control system is an indispensable important part of the incubator. In order to make the incubator work more stably, we recommend users to choose carbon dioxide incubators with independent triple temperature control function, that is, temperature control, over temperature alarm control and ambient temperature monitoring.

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