Six Ways to Rapidly Improve Design Capabilities

If you already have a certain foundation and master the general knowledge of interior design, these six methods will help you quickly improve your design ability.

I. Watching television to obtain information: In addition to the nature of watching television, watching TV to improve the designer's own ability is a good way. But to watch TV selectively, not all programs can improve your design ability. Fashion, local customs, travel, news, urban feature films, etc. The most important thing is to learn to stratify: characters' plots, their decorative environment (background), and folk customs, etc., and they can sometimes ignore the plot of characters. This way you can get more indirect information. Of course, understanding and obtaining information through the Internet is also a very important way.

Second, understand the habits of the owners: habits can also be understood as a person's psychological and behavioral methods. Understand the habits of owners and do a good job of accumulating background information so that they can be targeted. This is also a prerequisite for rapid design. This process is a cumulative process. Only those designers who are good at observing and refining can quickly achieve this accumulation. Speed ​​is a means of effective competition. Being good at focusing on owner habits, your plan is easily recognized. To understand the habits of the owners, on the one hand, to accumulate, and on the other hand, to intentionally look at books on psychology and behavior analysis.

Third, get rid of the computer shackles: the most critical point to want to become a good designer is to get rid of the shackles of the computer. If you can't draw some sketches by hand and use them to express your design, you can't be a good designer. When I am training a designer, I usually ask everyone to come up with a plan within 30 minutes. Only those pens, some sheets of paper, and reference materials are allowed. The advantage of doing so is that you can focus on the design of the program rather than the technical application of the computer. One afternoon, you can produce 6-7 programs. When you compare the various programs, you will have the feeling of sudden realization. At the same time, it would be better for the master to evaluate it.

Fourth, obedient listening: catch key points. This is also a manifestation of communication skills. Many designers pay special attention to the differences in each suite and pay attention, but ignore the effective communication with the owners. Designers have to ask themselves what kind of value (including related parties) they want in the event? What kind of price can I achieve? Your own cost factor?

V. Experience Improvement: People are divided into three levels in the processing of experience. The first is that one practice is equal to the experience gained by others 5-6 times; the other is that 10 times experience is obtained from the practice of others 10 times; the other is that 10 times of practice only get a few experiences. It is easy to do the first kind of person, but it is only necessary to develop the habit of thinking more, summing up more, and summing up more often.

6. Focus on topics: Particular emphasis is placed on the creation of themes (sometimes invented). Themes can give your program soul, whether it is simple or complex. This will not only give your works life, but also allow you to be passionate at work and allow the business owners to respect them. Themes enable you to agglomerate, merge the owner with your ideas.

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