Small apartment and ant family love cloth wardrobe purchase to look for structure and environmental protection

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Cloth wardrobe is now more popular among young people. Many people buy small-sized houses, so it is most suitable to use cloth wardrobes. It is convenient to disassemble and clean. There are also some ants who are also keen on cloth wardrobes, which are more cost-effective. Value for money, if it can be used reasonably, can also be used for a lot of storage, how to buy cloth wardrobe?

Cloth wardrobe

First, pay attention to whether the business of the cloth wardrobe has the national authoritative test report and whether it meets the national mandatory standards.

For example, the release of formaldehyde is required to be less than 1.5 mg/L, the moisture content is between 5 and 11, and the security mark of the cloth closet should be noted.

Second, the structure of the cloth wardrobe should be appropriate.

Focusing on the stability of the cloth wardrobe structure and the convenience of assembly, the stability of the cloth wardrobe and the cloth wardrobe can be balanced when the clothes are cool. If the assembly procedure is cumbersome, then the convenience of the cloth wardrobe is lacking.

Third, pay attention to the cloth wardrobe to be environmentally friendly.

The cloth wardrobe is to be used for a long time. If the environmental quality of the cloth wardrobe is not high, it will have a certain impact on the health of the family. The material of the cloth wardrobe on the market is mainly particleboard and MDF. Under normal circumstances, the quality of the plate must contain less than 0.9mg/100mg.

Fourth, pay attention to the hardware of the cloth wardrobe.

The hardware accessories of the cloth wardrobe are very important. The materials are mainly carbon steel, titanium alloy and aluminum alloy. When purchasing the cloth wardrobe, pay attention to the smoothness, wear resistance and sealing characteristics of the pulley. Also pay attention to whether the slide is Smooth, whether there is noise. It is also best to pay attention to the quality problems of accessories such as hinges, screws, and connectors.

Fifth, pay attention to the cloth of the cloth closet.

Now, the common material of the cloth wardrobe is no gauze, which is a cloth wardrobe with a relatively ordinary material. The more popular cloth wardrobe uses 100 grams of non-woven material of the sun flower board. Compared with the material without gauze, it is more durable and looks better. Another type is made of ultra-thick polyester oxford, which is more durable than the first two, but the price is generally slightly higher. When choosing the material of the cloth wardrobe, we should not simply pursue the beauty, but also the durability.

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