Stealing "Tech" and "Smart" with CorelDraw

First, quickly copy colors and attributes

In CorelDraw software, the quickest way to color individual objects in a group is to drag the color on the screen palette directly to the object. Similarly, the shortcut to copying attributes to a single object in the group is to hold down the right mouse button while the user drags the object, and the properties of the object are exactly what the user wants to copy into the target object. When the user releases the button, the program will pop up a right-click display menu, where the user can select the attribute command they want to copy.

Second, let the gradient effect is more smooth

Gradient effect is a commonly used effect in the image production process. How to smooth the gradient of this effect to a more smooth and natural point becomes very important. In CorelDraw, the best way to get a smooth intermediate shape is to start with a gradient control object that uses the same number of nodes and is created in the same drawing order (clockwise or counterclockwise). To do this, you need to create your second object by modifying the copy of the first object. After the first object is selected, press the + key on the numeric keypad to copy it. Put the copy aside, select the Shape tool, and start rescheduling the node. If you need to add extra nodes here or there to make a second object (in CorelDraw, you can double-click on a curve to add a node), add the corresponding node to the first object at the same time. If your shape has many nodes, you can place a temporary, circle-like marker in the first object next to the node, and another marker in the second object next to the corresponding node.

Third, ensure the same color palette

When creating images, in order to achieve an overall coordinated effect, we often need to perform the same color processing on different objects. To achieve the same color, we need to set the same palette for these objects. To set, we can proceed as follows: First, in CorelDraw, open New Palette From document. The New Palette From Selection command grabs, names, and stores the palette. Then use the Palette editor (found in the Tool menu) to sort the colors in your favorite order. Finally, display the new palette in another file, select View, Color Palette, Load Palette, and select your named palette.

Fourth, free to erase the lines

In CorelDraw, we can use one of the hand-drawn pencil tools to "play" arbitrarily. However, once we have played too far and accidentally painted or painted the wrong lines, what should you do? Maybe you think of deleting the lines or doing a few undos. There is actually a more flexible way to do this. Press the Shift key and then erase it in reverse.

V. Let Ruler Return to Freedom

In general, when CorelDraw uses rulers, it is always in the specified position, but sometimes when the image is processed, the ruler is used at any time, and the position of use is arbitrary. How can we make the ruler according to our requirements? What is more "free"? * The method is still relatively simple. We can move the ruler simply by holding down the Shift key on the ruler and dragging with the mouse. If you want to put the ruler back in place, simply hold down the Shift key on the ruler and quickly press the mouse twice, and it will immediately return to home.

Six, fast output results

Some people say that the output is not a single click on the "Print" button, and its output speed is not controlled by people. This is true, but when using CorelDraw to create images, it is best to check the pages before printing the output. If there are many temporary objects stored on the pages of the non-print area, these objects will be printed out. Although it is not actually printed out, it will still be counted and processed, so that the computer will take more time to process it. For this reason, as long as we delete these temporarily stored items, we can greatly increase the speed of output.

Seven, zoom rotation while doing

It stands to reason that every time we execute a command, the program should do a corresponding action. However, in CorelDraw, we can simply drag the rotation handle of the object while holding down the Shift key, and the rotation of the object can be accomplished together with the zoom action. If you hold down the Alt key, you can achieve the effect of simultaneously rotating and deforming the tilt object.

Eight, remove the pits on the map

When scanning or when processing images, due to reasons or other factors, inadvertently add some noise or pits to the image, although these defects can not affect the effect of the entire image, but if you are A perfectionist must be sure to “please leave” these pits. What should I do? The solution is to turn the map into a bitmap, which can be done once at a time, or it can be exported to CorelDraw 8.0 for output.

9. Making Greeting Cards with CorelDraw

Using the combination of text and images in CorelDraw, we can combine beautiful graphics with sincere greetings to create a greeting card, postcard, etc. that can produce excellent results. Here, the author will introduce to you the production process of the greeting card. The specific steps are as follows:

1. Run the CorelDraw program, open its * interface, select the "rectangle" tool in the toolbox, and draw a rectangular box 200 mm wide and 297 mm long in the newly created page window.

2. Click on the "File" menu item in the menu bar with the mouse and select the "Import" command from the pop-up drop-down menu. From the following pop-up file selection dialog box, select the greeting card background picture to be inserted and adjust the background picture. The size makes it suitable for rectangular frames.

3, then in the toolbox, use the mouse to click the "text" tool button, and then click the mouse to the appropriate location of the picture, and enter the greeting required in the greeting card, such as "I wish you happy every day", and adjust Its size and location.

4, then, click on the "text" menu item in the menu bar with the mouse, and select the "formatted text" command from the pop-up submenu, click "align" in the pop-up dialog box, and then click ” After setting the alignment, click “OK” button to return to the main interface.

6, select all objects at the same time, and use the mouse to select "arrange" menu "alignment and distribution", in the open dialog box, click the "alignment" tab, under the label set the vertical and horizontal alignment method "in" , and then click the "OK" button.

7, then use the selection tool to select the text part, press the left mouse button, drag the text to another location, click the right button and then release the left button, will produce a copy text.

8, then select the copied text, use the relevant tools to lighten the text of the copy, in order to facilitate it as a shadow text, and move to the appropriate location, select the appropriate body color.

9. Finally, click on the “Interactive Transparent Tools” button in the toolbox and drag it from the transparency start to the end in the page editing area, so that a simple greeting card is generated.

Ten, to the object to change the color tone and add shades of different colors

The CorelDraw program has a powerful palette function. Using its built-in color palette, we can easily change the color of the object and add different shades of color. Its detailed steps are as follows:

1. In the main window, use the mouse to select the tool in the toolbox to select the object that needs to change the hue.

2, after selecting the desired object, we can hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard, while using the mouse to click on the desired color palette, the selected color requirements and the original fill color can not be the same.

3, repeat the second step of the * method can give the object darken the color tone.

4, if you want to add a shade of different colors to the object, first hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard, while using the mouse to click the color of the palette, and hold down the mouse.

5, if you want to change the color of the object frame or path shades, you can hold down the Ctrl key, while using the right mouse button to click the desired color in the palette, you can change the color shade of the frame and path.

11. Use CorelDraw to make your own business card

CorelDraw has a very powerful typesetting function. Using this feature, we can easily create your own business card by hand so that the business card can better show your own style. The specific steps for creating business cards with CorelDraw are:

1, first open CorelDraw's main interface, with the mouse click in the menu bar "Layout" / "Page Setup" command, in the pop-up dialog box to set the page width of 180 mm, a height of 280 mm.

2. Select the Rectangle Tool button from the Window toolbar and draw a rectangle with a width of 88 mm and a height of 54 mm in the page.

3, then select the "Arrange" / "Transform" / "Position" command in the program's menu bar, the program will open a setting box titled "position roller shutter window", in the window "relative position" in Unchecked, set the level to 50mm, vertical to 250mm, and click the Apply button.

4, in the window toolbar, select the art text tool, enter your own business card content in the rectangular box, for example, enter your own name, unit and contact information, etc., enter these contents separately, in order to facilitate typesetting.

5, below we can use the alignment tool to type the input content until it meets their requirements.

6, then select the hand-painted tool from the toolbar, draw a horizontal line of 80 mm long, press the shortcut key F12 or select the fifth contour tool in the first line of the outline tool, enter the outline setting, set the width to 0.01 inches , and other items remain unchanged, then click the OK button.

7. The line just drawn is moved to the top of the content of the communication. Then select the line and rectangle at the same time with the mouse. Hold down the composite key Ctrl+A on the keyboard or click "Align"/"Align" in the menu bar. With the "Distribute" command, open the "Align and Distribute Roller Shutters" setting box. In this setting box, leave "Horizontal Centering" selected, other settings are unchanged, and finally click the Apply button. This completes the business card. Well designed.

Twelve, quickly select objects in the same window

Sometimes when using CorelDraw to make graphics, you need to use multiple objects at the same time. If these objects overlap each other more and more, the more difficult it is to click on the object covered by the mouse, unless the user overwrites the object. Remove one by one. However, this is a bit too much trouble, in fact, users can use the Alt key on the keyboard with a mouse click, you can easily select the objects covered in the bottom.

Thirteen, clever use of envelope tools to shape the object

1, first use CorelDraw to open an existing object, and use the mouse to select the desired shape in the window.

2. Use the mouse to click on the "Effect" menu item in the menu bar and select the "Envelope" command from the drop-down menu that pops up.

3, then click "add envelope" command, you can place a basic rectangular envelope to surround the selected object. At the same time, the Shape tool is selected and a bounding node appears around the object.

4. Select the appropriate editing method by clicking the desired button.

5, then use the mouse to select a handle and hold it down, and then drag the mouse according to their needs.

6. Use the mouse to drag other nodes in sequence until the envelope reaches its own shape.

7. If you cannot get the results you need in the current editing mode, you can click the "Reset envelope" command and select another editing method.

8, after the object is shaped, you can use the mouse to click the "Apply" button to fit the object in the envelope.

Fourteen, edit the bar code icon display

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