Striving to be the maintenance expert of their wardrobe, DIY restores the bright wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] When the bedroom closet was just bought, it was bright, and it was also taken care of by it. However, if it takes a long time, there will be some bumps and bumps. Some scratches, scars and the like will cause some impact on the wardrobe. Please Professionals on-site processing seems a bit wasteful, learn to maintain furniture, DIY to restore the bright wardrobe.

The flaw affects the appearance: make a makeup for the wardrobe

The wardrobe will inevitably have some scratches, which will affect the appearance of the wardrobe and reduce the life of the wardrobe. I am worried about how to deal with the scars of the wardrobe, no need to worry about it, in fact, the small scratches of the wardrobe can also be handled by yourself.

Wardrobe maintenance

The flaw affects the appearance: make a makeup for the wardrobe

Scratches: Scratches appear in the closet in life. First of all, it is necessary to judge the condition of these scars. If it is not damaged to the paint film of the closet, you can simply use a cotton cloth to smear some molten wax and evenly apply it to the scratches. Be careful to cover all the scars. After the wax has dried and hardened, repeat it several times. The straight scratches are not so obvious.

Burn marks: What should I do if the surface of the wardrobe is accidentally burnt by cigarette butts or lighters? You can use a hard cloth with a fine line to wrap a chopstick, wipe the burnt place with chopsticks, and then apply a thin wax solution for protection.

Wardrobe in addition to formaldehyde

The flaw affects the appearance: make a makeup for the wardrobe

Hot marks: Inadvertently placed a high temperature container on the surface of the closet, causing white hot marks. If it is found to be wiped in time, the hot marks will disappear quickly, but if it is found later and the traces are deep, you can use iodine to wipe the top of the hot marks, then apply some petrolatum, and then wipe it with a soft cloth in a few days, the marks of hot marks will be reduced. light.

Ceramic Handle

Ceramic handle

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